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When do ohio license plates expire

when do ohio license plates expire

Missouri began a new general issue replacement base on June 16, 2008. There will be some changes that will look familiar since they are a throwback to earlier issues. The new base features an embossed month, as well a having the first letter of the registration keyed to the expiration month, however, some month letters are different from earlier issues. Passenger format is AA1 A1A, but since the plates will begin in June, the first series will be JA rather than AA, which would be a January issue. It has also been reported that personalized plates, which originally had July expirations but were later changed to January, will return to July expirations. The validation sticker will be placed in the center of the plate.

Stickers issued by the MODOR Central Office and in City of St. Louis

are now printed with the plate number to prevent theft. Stickers printed at license offices with the plate number to prevent theft are also available at Kansas City and Springfield area offices now.

The first alpha on most new plates, including Passenger, RV, and Truck 6 & 12, will represent the expiration month. For plates that expire in the same month, such as Truck (18-80), the configuration will be random with no alpha representing an expiration month.

Matthew Hicks reports that some plates with a DE- (March), FE- (April), and HE- (May) prefix feature a much darker state outline and slightly darker shade of blue for the color fade on the bottom of the plates. It is unknown if this will be a universal change or just a production variation within some of the plates.

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