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How to Calculate When My U.S. Passport Expired

when do passports expire

A U.S. passport can usually be renewed through the mail. (Photo: Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images )

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If you have an U.S. passport, its expiration date is listed on the data page, which also contains your photo and full name. When you can't find your passport or cannot access it temporarily, it may still be possible to calculate when the travel document will expire. A passport's expiration date is determined by its date of issuance and your age at the time your application was processed.

Step 1

Find out when your passport was issued. Try to remember whether you got the passport for a specific international trip, and how many months before the trip you received

your passport. For instance, if you know you got the passport because you were headed to London in spring 2005, and that you received the document a few months before, you can approximate an issue date of November 2004. If you and your spouse or travel companion got passports at the same time, ask him when his passport was issued.

Add 10 years to the date of issuance if you were over 16 when you got the passport, or five years if you were 15 or younger. For instance, if you received a passport in November 2004 at age 25, your passport expires in November 2014. If you got the passport at age 14, it expired in November 2009.

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