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When do the time go forward

when do the time go forward

DIY: Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

Reposted from: January 2012

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1 empty and cleaned wine bottle

1 Tiki Torch wick refill (thick)

Tiki Torch citronella lamp oil

3/8" diameter metal washer (or adjust washer size if bottle opening is larger/smaller)

Decorative glass rocks or beads of your choice (optional) *small enough to fit in bottle opening

Place the decorative rocks/beads in the bottle. The more you have, the less oil you will need to use and the sturdy your bottle will be.

Feed the wick through the opening of the washer, leaving about a 1/4-inch of the wick sticking out of the top. You want this to be

a snug fit! If you have gaps between the washer and the wick it could allow air in, which may cause the bottle to fill up with smoke. Also, make sure the washer is the same as the diameter of the bottle opening (it will just sit on top of the bottle opening).

Pour the oil into a bottle, using a funnel, enough to cover half of the wick. Feed the longer side of wick into the bottle. If your wick is thick enough, you don't have to secure the washer down. Light the top wick and enjoy your new torch outdoors! Remember to place the bottle in a safe, sturdy area to avoid it from tipping over. Burning citronella indoors is not recommend.

More Ideas from Our Readers:

Amy G. of Topeka, KS passed along the idea of using old whiskey bottles too! She filled them with aquarium gravel, as it was cheaper than the glass rocks.

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