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Less Than 2 Weeks Until Old Continental Miles Expire For The First Time Ever; 10 Ways For You To Extend The Life Of Your Miles

when do united miles expire

September 25th, 2013 by Dan

Update: Now less than 1 week remaining to find old Continental accounts and get them active.




Continental’s defunct OnePass mileage program did not have an expiration policy.  United’s MileagePlus program required activity every 18 months. Of course when the programs merged in March 2012 they sunk to the lowest common denominator and the United policy stuck.

Now those converted OnePass accounts will expire on 09/30/13 for the first time ever.

I was enrolled in the OnePass program at the age of 4 in 1989.  Expiring miles aren’t one of my problems, but it’s entirely possible that you have an account that is also decades old that you forgot about.

You can call United to have them lookup your account number.  You may even want to call to find out if you have multiple account numbers as you may have had an old Continental account that was not properly merged with your United account.  They can look up accounts with your name and zip code though if it’s an old account you’ll have to remember the zip code that you originally supplied.

When I called for my grandparents they found multiple old accounts which I had United merge into a single account for each of them.  They probably signed up on several flights for the miles but never followed up.  It is definitely worth calling to see if they can find multiple accounts before those miles are all erased.

Once you

have your account info you’ll have several options to get some quick activity which will keep all of your miles alive:

1. United Explorer and Club cardholder’s miles never expire. The card comes with 30,000 miles for spending $1,000 and 5,000 more miles for adding a free additional user.

2. You can transfer points to United at a 1:1 ratio from Chase Ultimate Rewards.  These cards include Sapphire Preferred. Sapphire (Non-Preferred). Chase Freedom and business cards like Chase Ink Plus. Chase Ink Bold. or Chase Ink Cash .  You or your spouse needs the Sapphire Preferred, Ink Plus, or Ink Bold to actually make the transfer to United.

4, You can get a free newspaper subscription. In Baltimore you can get the Sun for 800 miles. In Chicago you can get the Tribune starting at 515 miles. In Los Angeles you can get the LA Times starting at 1,560 miles or the LA Daily News starting at 800 miles. In Atlanta you can get the Journal-Constitution for 1,542 miles. In NJ you can get the Star-Ledger from 1,196 miles. Etc.

5. You can use miles to download items from United’s digital media store. For example you can download Matisyahu’s One Day for 115 miles which will extend your entire account.

It’s always better to spend miles then to collect miles as the airlines are always good about collecting your miles which makes it a safer bet. But here are some other options if you’re brave and trust the miles to post on time…

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