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When does a check expire

when does a check expire

It is a large check written by a business that I don't deal with anymore. I'm going to my bank tomorrow to seek their advice. It's not like me to hold on to checks at all. I will make a special trip to the bank just for one check normally. I'm thinking that there was some extenuating circumstance where the business asked me not to cash it and receive a check from an insurance carrier (the originating payor) instead. It's taught me a lesson, that's for sure.

The issuer simply can't add the money back into their account. If its legally yours, once that check is written, it becomes yours. the process is now to claim it.

What state do you live in? by law, all unclaimed property

must go to the unclaimed property division after a certain length of time, varies by state. Its worth your while to investigate, don't pay for this, simply go to your state's unclaimed property division and search under your name.

I found a check over 20 year old in my mother's papers, uncashed, for $9000, from an insurance company. I went through the unclaimed property division, and got it re-issued to me. I had to go through a process to claim it, providing death certificates, etc, but worth the time.

some states have limits on how long they hold unclaimed property, others keep it forever. the only problem, as long as they hold the money, it doesn't accrue interest. Otherwise, that $9000 could have turned into 3x that much!

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