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When Does A Prescription For Oxycodone Expire

when does a prescription expire

how long is a prescription for oxycodone good for in arizona ## Are you asking about an actual written prescription that you haven't had filled yet? Or did you mean a bottle of pills and when they expire? I'll gladly research an answer for you, if you can post back and be more specific. Learn more Oxycodone details here. ## 90 days, because I could not find a pharmacy that had the medication and when i finnaly found a pharmacy rx was only a week to old to be filled then the pharmacy turns to me and says it only good for 90 days I felt devastated after the long search to fin the meds.

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I found it in y medicine cabinet and I would like to know if its still safe to take? I don't know much about medicine so I'll just write what the label says: OXYCODONE W/APAP 5/325 TAB MCK subsituted for percocet and the pill has a 512 stamped on it? ## If you are asking if it becomes dangerous as it ages, the answer is no. It does not, however, these medications will lose potency over time, so it may no longer work as well as it did when it was new and may have no efficacy left at all. Taking more, to try to relieve pain can be dangerous, since these also contain Acetaminophen and too much of that can be toxic, to the point of being fatal. The wisest idea is to properly dispose of them and see your doctor for a new prescription if you need help with pain. Do you have any other.

I have been told over & over that my prescription for oxycontin has expired after 14 days. I have had this problem with CVS Caremark, Inc Mail Order Pharmacy numerous times. This went on throughout 2014 & in to 2015. They continue to screw with me. They will fill it, then they won't. I have been told by my Dr. who's office is in NV that it is valid for 30 days, but because I live in Arizona, CVS says it's expired after 14 days. I know for a

fact it is still valid but they continue to argue with me. I am wondering if any one else has experienced this problem with CVS & if you'll be so kind as to reaffirm the RX is still valid after 14 days. They have also gone as far to tell me the reason they are holding my RX was because the DEA no. is not on the RX when clearl.

I was prescribed hydrocodone 10/325 for severe back pain and they did nothing for the pain, not even when I took two at a time. The doctor then prescribed dilaudid 4 mg, this too did not touch the pain at all. I took the dilaudid back to the doctor and had them dispose of them. They then prescribed oxycodone 5mg. These do nothing as well, I took two at once and just got a stomach ache. I stopped taking all pain medications as they just were not working. Yesterday, I found an old bottle of vicodin 10/325 that I had from a previous surgery and even though they were expired - I took one and it worked! Within an hour I had more pain relief than I have had since I began seeing my current pain doctor. I wonder if it is possible that someone at the pharmacy is substituting my prescriptions wit.

looking for a way to order online ## I have info ## There are very. very few Internet or mail order pharmacies that will fill a prescription for controlled substances such as this. Have you tried local pharmacies? ## little blue pill cor 226 on one side split line on thje other ## Are there a pill called Oxy Contin 30mg? If so what color is it? ## What is the info. ## I'm a UK resident, been on oxycodone several years now. No generics, patent (NAPP/Mundipharma) expires 2016, first marketed 1996. OxyContin m/r tabs: 5, 10, 20, 40 and 80mg (oblong blue 160mg withdrawn). OxyNorm i/r caps: 5, 10, & 20mg. No 30mg strength available, though I believe i/r TABLETS (not caps) are licenced at that strength in one country - USA. Also, there is a licence for m/r tabs of 60mg, again only.

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