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When does it expire

when does it expire

Ask Nadia: When Does My Insulin Expire

I was traveling in Italy and the question came up as to when my NovoLog and Levemir insulin pens expire. Technically when does  insulin goes bad?


San Anslemo CA

Dear Ted,

All the insulin companies state that insulin expires within 28 days. This includes open and unopened pens. Insulin should never be frozen. Prior to any use, it is also advised that you look and check to insure that the insulin does not look not cloudy or discolored. Keep unopened insulin in it’s packaging because you want to protect it from the light.

The recommended temperature for an un opened NovoLog and Levemir insulin pen is 36–46°Farenheit and 2–8 degrees Celsius. The open insulin pen in use should be stored in an area where the temperature is less than 86°Farehenit which is 30 degrees Celsius.

If you are traveling to a place that has refrigeration, make sure the fridge temperature is 36–46 Fahrenheit which is 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

If plan on taking a day excursions and are traveling with an open insulin pens,

make sure you have some type of cooling carrying case should the temperature exceed 86 Fahrenheit, 30 degrees Celsius.

With that being said, your insulin pen should never be used beyond the expiration date that is printed on the packaging.

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