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Planning a Trip to Scotland, Part 1

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You want to go to Scotland.

At least, that’s the premise for this four part series on planning a trip to Scotland. I’ve planned countless trips to Scotland over the past 10 years, and now seems like a good time share my knowledge in the hopes that you will consider planning your own trip to Scotland!

After a destination has been chosen, I see the process of trip planning as four simple questions:

  1. When should I go?
  2. Where (within the destination) should I go?
  3. How much time do I want/need?
  4. How much will it cost me?

Each Monday this month I’ll tackle one of these questions and share my Scotland trip-planning tips. Each question bears on the others and I’ll point out these areas to help make decisions easier. For example, when you should go might depend on your trip budget and where you want to go might depend on how much time you have.

Are you with me? Good. Here are three areas to consider when thinking about

when you should go to Scotland .


Specific events will dictate when you visit Scotland. The country is loaded with world-famous cultural events. from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to Hogmanay to loads of folk music, highland games, and whisky festivals throughout the land. If you want to take in the Fringe Festival then you’re going in August. If it’s Hogmanay and Burns’ Supper you’re interested in, then you’re looking at late December and January.

In addition to Scotland’s major events, related smaller-scale events seem to cluster at certain times of the year. Highland games tend to occur in August/September, whisky festivals occur in the spring and fall, as many distilleries go “silent” during summer months, and folk music festivals span the warmer half of the year.

You’re probably aware if events are driving your visit to Scotland. If that’s the case much of your decision of when to go is complete. I still recommend that you read the following sections as they can help you position your trip on either side of the desired events.

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