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Canadian Passport Renewal

when does us passport expire

Passport renewal in Canada is split into two categories: the first consists of those who are 16 years and over, and the second consists of those who are under 16 years old and under. The application steps for each category do not differ much from each other, except for some of the requirements. The requirements are discussed below.

Passport Renewal for those 16 Years and Over

The applicant should use Form PPT040, which can be obtained at any Passport Canada office, Canada Post outlets, or Service Canada Centre. When a guarantor signature is not obtained, the applicant should also submit Form PPT132.

Two passport-sized photographs are required. The photographs should have a neutral expression with the mouth closed and taken within the last 12 months. Renewal applicants do not require a guarantor to sign the back of the photos. However, the photographer or studio’s name and address must be written on one of the photographs, as well as the date when the picture was taken.

The old Canadian passport is also required, issued within the last five years. An original proof of Canadian citizenship must be presented. It should be noted that no photocopies (notarized or otherwise) will be accepted.

Other documents that support the applicant’s identity should be issued by a federal, municipal, or provincial Canadian authority. Some examples are a Canadian Driver’s License, Health card, and Provincial ID card.

The total fee for the passport depends on the kind of passport that is issued, but normally the fee is CDN$100 with guarantor and CDN$150 without guarantor.

Passport Renewal for those 3-15 Years Old

Unlike the application form used by those 16 years and above, the form used by an applicant who is less than 16 years of age is Form PPT042. Form PPT132 is also needed if there is no guarantor signature.

The photograph requirements are the same as that of the 16 years old and above passport renewal. The Canadian passport issued to the child or on which the child’s name appears is required.

An original proof of Canadian citizenship is required as well. Like the above requirement, no copies or photocopies, even if notarized, will be accepted.

Any identity support for both of the child’s parents is required, such as a Canadian Driver’s License, Provincial ID Card, or passport. If applicable, any legal documents regarding custody or mobility of or access to the child should be submitted.

The total fee for the passport is CDN$35 for those with guarantors and CDN$85 for those without.

For both passports, the processing time is usually 3 weeks from the date of submission.

Additional Notes

Recently, the Canadian government implemented the Simplified Passport Renewal Program for Canadians who meet certain eligibility criteria. The program aims to allow Canadians to renew their passports using a shorter form. They also do not need to submit documentary evidence of citizenship, their identification, or declare their guarantor. Under the program, the applicants will only have to submit a shorter form, two new photos, the application fee, and their last passport.

To be eligible for the program, a Canadian must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be living in Canada at the time of the application.
  • They must have lived in Canada at the time of their previous application.
  • They were 16 years old or over when they applied for their previous passport.
  • Their previous passport must have been valid for five years. It must also have been issued after January 31, 2002. The passport must also never have been damaged, lost or reported stolen. Lastly, the passport must have been issued under their current name.

With the new program, the Canadian government hopes to expedite the passport renewal process to serve more Canadians and to make the process more efficient and simpler for all.

24 Responses to “Canadian Passport Renewal”

    robert p.delvallet Says:

is a renewal application.

Peter Hiebert Says:

Question I have is it better to renew my passport before it runs out. Does it cost less if I do so?

Do I still need all my proof of citizen ship etc. when I renew?

Doug Harris Says:

What do i have to do to change the address on my passport? Does it cost anything……do i need to change my address??

Peter Wang Says:

where do I get the Cdn Passport renewal application form

on the website? Please advise the website name.


Joanne N. Says:

Please post the answers to the questions you have on your website, as I am sure many on-line visitors come to this website to have such questions answered (like me).

#1: Is the renewal form available from a website?

#2: Curious about changing an address on the passport…?

Robin Says:

I am a canadian living in US and need to renew an old outdated passport. where do I find the forms so that i can get this done before traveling back to canada.

Anita Persaud Says:

My name is Anita and i will like to receive a renewal form for my son Nathan Persaud. He is 12years old and his passport expired. Thank you.

Anita Persaud Says:

sandra doucet Says:

I need to get new photos for my renewal? How soon before it runs out, do i need to renew? Do I need to go thro the whole process again just to renew?

Anne Lacoste Says:

Where do I get that shorter form?

tanya Says:

Hi, I am just wondering if I can renew my canadian passport while I am staying in Holland. I am 18 years of age.

Christine Foote Says:

I’ve been living in Australia for nearly six (6) years now and my Canadian passport has expired plus when I was living in Canada my wallet was stolen and I lost my SIN and my drivers licence also. How do I renew all of my information and which site can I go to to renew all of these items. I still have my old Canadaian passport. I would like to go back to Canada to live and need these items.

Please let me know how to get them all back.

applying for a canadian passport

I have just turned 17.

Do I need a gaurantor to renew my passport.?

Anna Rehan Says:

my passport expires in Aug. 2009. i will be travelling to the US in May 2009. Can i still use my current passport or do i need to have it renewed? I had heard that a passport in invalid in the last 6 months.

Abigail Akinbobola Says:

Robbin Lewis Says:

do the photo still need to be dated and

the photographer or studio’s name and address must be written on one of the photographs, as well as the date when the picture was taken.

Simplified Passport Renewal Program for Canadians

Is the above still required simplifed passport

thank you

I am looking for the English in Canada simplified renewal form. This is to renew my current Passport which expires in Sept./09. Thanks for toyur help.

Sylvia Ezell Says:

Could you tell me how much the renewal is in us dollars. As I have een here since 1960 and stil a Canadian Citizen. My passport expires Jan 2010.

Thank you

todd Says:

I have been living in Hemet, California, for several years and just got transfered overseas. When I looked at my passport, it had just expired and I had to leave in 2 weeks. Passport Canada, told me I could not get a Canadian passport in the US and had to apply to their office in Canada. They also mentioned it would take 6 weeks if everything was done right. I found a company called They are a private company but they help me get a Canadian passport in a day! Maybe Passport Canada should be privatized.

I am a canadian citizen & living in the us & need to replace my outdated canadian passport,where is the web site & also how does my grown children become citizens of canada, born in the us?

grant johnson Says:

When do the 2010 passports expire.

ali Says:

Dear sir i need a guide in renewal of passport of Canada of my child age under 16 me and my wife are Pakistani national my son born in Canada and he is Canadian national and have Canadian passport which required renewal now. kindly guide me. thanks

Canadian passports have a 5 years validity before expiring. Some countries also require at least 1 empty page in your passport book. So if you are out of empty pages due to lots of traveling, you may need to renew your passport sooner then 5 years.

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