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The Glurt Institute, The Laboratory & The Drive-In at Magnaball

A few steps from the concert field, aspiring scientists are invited to visit the campus of the Glurt Institute, a campus of laboratories devoted to the ultra-terrestrial sciences. Look for the tubular interconnectors, a high pressure system that delivers energy to each lab (please report any leaking splurtage). Here you can observe the workings of the

Magnaball Webcast and Bunny Update

Magnaball, Phish’s tenth festival which takes place this coming weekend, is now completely sold out. We will not be selling any tickets onsite at the festival. If you don’t have a ticket, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO MAGNABALL. If you have tickets and are coming, please carpool – it saves gas, decreases traffic congestion and

Low Ticket Alert; Farmer’s Market & More

UPDATE: Magnaball has SOLD OUT! LOW TICKET ALERT! Tickets will sell out over the next few days to Magnaball, Phish’s tenth festival which takes

place next weekend in Watkins Glen, NY. We will NOT be selling any tickets onsite at the festival. If you do not have a ticket, you will be turned away. To

Two Night Merriweather Webcast at

The last week of Phish’s 2015 Summer Tour (before Magnaball) is underway and LivePhish will be webcasting back-to-back shows from Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland this Saturday and Sunday. A 2-Night Webcast pass is available for pre-order now at If you have other plans, we’ve got you covered. Pre-order them today and watch them

Before You Slip Into The Night… More Magnaball Updates

BEFORE YOU SLIP INTO THE NIGHT … you’ll want something to drink. We are pleased to announce our first ever Phish festival cocktail program. The Genius Bar will feature a handful of inventive drinks using the best locally-sourced supplies and crafted by a crack team of NYC professionals down for the cause. Cocktails include Satan

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