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How to Get Cheap International Tickets

when to buy international airline tickets

Airfare has gotten more expensive (Photo: airplane image by Clarence Alford from )

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Step 1

Buy your tickets well in advance. Prices tend to go up in intervals over the months and weeks leading up to a given departure date. Start looking for affordable flights as soon as you know what dates you plan to travel. Search for tickets several months ahead of time, especially if your trip is going to take place over a peak holiday season such as Christmas. The cheapest fares can usually be found three to six months beforehand, according to Independent Traveler.

Shop around and be flexible. Don't purchase the first decent offer you find. Check a variety of sites such

as and to get an idea of the going rates for your destination and travel date. These sites will show you a collection of fares and itineraries from numerous airlines so that you can decide which one suits your needs. Be flexible if your travel dates aren't set in stone. Search for flights to the same destination that depart on different days. Ticket prices may be much cheaper one day than they are the very next. In general, the lowest fares can be found for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, according to Independent Traveler. It can also help to see if there are multiple airports in the region, as is the case for New York City and many other major urban centers. Flights in and out of one airport may be cheaper than other hubs nearby.

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