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When to Buy Tickets to Disney

when to buy tickets

Disney tickets can be purchased at Walt Disney World or in advance of your trip. (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images )

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There is usually no best time to buy Disney tickets when planning a trip to Walt Disney World, as tickets are rarely discounted and prices remain the same regardless of when your tickets are purchased. In addition, Disney does not raise its ticket prices at the same time each year, notes the All Ears website, making it difficult to know when to buy your tickets in advance of a price hike.

Before Your Trip

Buying tickets in advance gives you

the peace of mind that you have secured them in advance of your travel. These tickets can be bought at any point up to your arrival at Wilt Disney World and are available through the Disney website, at Disney Stores and through online ticket brokers. In addition, certain groups are periodically eligible to purchase advance tickets for a discounted price. AAA and CAA members may purchase tickets though the auto club and discounts or special offers are often available, while members of the United States military are able to purchase tickets on base, where tax is not added and special offers are periodically available.

Upon Arrival in Orlando

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