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Cheap flight: it's all about when you buy!

You have heard it before "Timing is everything." It works the same for getting cheap flights. Ever think I've got time to decide, then you check back and the flight is now twice as much as your first glance. It is simple supply and demand. As the plane fills up the airline can charge more for the seat. If you absolutely have to be at a specific place at a specific time, then your best bet is to compare prices, routes, and book early.

But what if you just want to get away? Well-- timing holds true too. If you don't care where you are going and just want an adventure, then last minute bookings can be the cheapest flights. The airline can't afford to leave a seat open so it will begin to drop prices once the departure day is close and there are still empty seats. Spontaneous trips can be even better when you spend less for the flight and have more to spend on your adventure. When you buy dictates if your will get the cheap flights or the not-so cheap flights.

On this site, you get access to all the latest cheap flights from all the

airlines on all the most popular routes. Remember, this site can only point you in the right direction, giving you the headline prices. There may be terms and conditions to any offer from the agent or airline. It's up to you to use the comparison facility to see which represents the best value for money. So this is your chance.

Tired of going in circles looking for cheap flights? Relax, you found the site that can get you the latest information for economical flights from all the airlines on their most popular destinations. You can compare the top rated prices verses the routes and amenities important to you. Whether you are traveling for business, family fun, personal reward getaway, or go to get home for that family thing, we can get you the most up to date information available for cheap air flights anywhere in the world. Our service is free. Before booking be sure to read all the terms and conditions stipulated in each offer to ensure you are getting the best savings possible. Sit back, relax; let us be your one stop shopping mall for you cheapest flights for your next trip.

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