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When was the balance beam invented

when was the balance beam invented

Dr Royal Raymond Rife

Royal Rife

Royal Raymond Rife (May 16, 1888 – August 5, 1971) claimed to have used a special optical microscope to observe very small viruses. Bacillus X and Bacillus Y (at some point renamed BX and BY viruses) were experimentally isolated, and Rife causally linked them to two forms of malignancy (cancer): carcinoma, and sarcoma. This renaming of these bacillus forms by Rife to that of viruses is now known to have been in error. The limitations of optical microscopes, and the size of viruses is such that most viruses cannot be seen under an optical microscope. Furthermore, the scientific understanding is that the estimated 15% of human cancers that are caused by viruses are caused by a number of different types. Rife's virus claims must therefore be seen as mistaken.[1]

Rife also claimed to have rendered, in the living patient, such viruses and many others inert by means of a "beam ray" device, which was claimed to devitalize pathogens by inducing resonances in their constituent chemicals[2][3]. Rife's treatment has been unanimously condemned as worthless by mainstream scientists,[4] and "Rife devices" have been blamed for the deaths of cancer sufferers who have used them in place of medical treatment.[5][6]


Rife was of Scottish ancestry,[7] born on May 16, 1888, in Elkhorn, Nebraska. While still at university[citation needed], he began working part time for Carl Zeiss at their New York offices.[8] Rife said that after a while he moved to Germany and worked part time for Carl Zeiss at their Heidelberg offices, while attending the University of Heidelberg[citation needed]. Rife also claimed to have worked for six years with Hans Luckel, who was Carl Zeiss's optical scientist and researcher.[9] It is claimed that Rife learned how to grind parabolic lenses.[10]

Rife married Mamie Ah Quinn in 1912 and she passed away in 1957. In 1960, Rife married Amelia Aragon. Rife died on August 5, 1971 in Grossmont Hospital, El Cajon, California, from a combination of valium and alcohol, at the age of 83.[11]

Rife's Microscopes

Rife built a number of microscopes. Rife 1 through to Rife 5 are documented to have existed.[12] At least one was cannibalized for parts to build one or more of the others. The Rife #5 has never been reported to have worked since its original owner, Dr. Gonin in England, "was unable to obtain useful results with either No 4 or No 5."[13] Rife patented a high-intensity UV lamp for microscope use in 1929 (Patent #1727618).[14]

On November 20, 1931, forty-four doctors attended a dinner advertised as "The End To All Diseases" at the Pasadena estate of Dr. Milbank Johnson. This dinner was honoring Dr. Arthur I. Kendall, professor at Northwestern Medical School, and developer of the "Kendall Medium" or "K-Medium," and Dr. Royal Rife, the developer of the "Rife microscope." Moving microorganisms from prepared, diseased human tissue were supposedly seen in Berkefeld-000 filtered form, still-photographed and motion pictured.[15]

August, 1932, Science magazine published a report by Dr. Edward C. Rosenow, M.D. (1875-1966). It said that, in addition to other viruses viewable with the standard lab microscope, small bodies were seen in the filtrate.[16]

Cancer and Disease Treatment Claims

Rife said that he could find a Mortal Oscillatory Rate[17] (M.O.R.) for various pathogenic organisms, and directed his research accordingly, culturing and testing various pathogens with his Universal #3 microscope and his directed radio frequency energy 'beam ray' tube machine. Rife claimed to have documented the precise frequencies[18] which destroyed specific organisms, and claimed that many, if not all, contagious diseases could be cured using this radiation treatment, using frequencies that were typically in the 10 kHz-100 MHz range (HF to mid-VHF).[19] Rife claims that a clinic was set up by a Dr. Milbank Johnson M.D. which conducted tests using Rife's machine on the growth of typhoid in medium, which he claimed demonstrated no motility of typhoid rods which were exposed to Rife's machine.[20][21] There is no independent verification of

any of these claims.

Modern Revival of Rife's Work

Rife's work was revived in the 1980s. An interest in Rife himself was revived by author Barry Lynes, who wrote a book about Rife entitled The Cancer Cure That Worked! This led to such groups as the Bioelectromagnetics Society. The American Cancer Society described Lynes' claims as implausible, noting that the book is written "in a style typical of conspiratorial theorists."[4]

In the late 1980s, Life Energy Resources mass-produced the REM SuperPro Generator. Three of the company's top distributors, Pat Ballistrea, Michael Ricotta, and Brian Strandberg, claimed it was based on Rife's devices and cured many diseases, including cancer and AIDS. They served prison time for selling unapproved medical devices and drugs as a result of their trials in 1993, 1994, and 1995. According to the Buffalo News, Judge Arcara told Ricotta: "Your sales strategy targeted the most vulnerable people, including those suffering from terminal disease. It is especially cruel because, in many instances, it proved false hope to people who had no hope."[22] Similarly, the American Cancer Society reported in 1994 that Rife machines were being sold in a "pyramid-like, multilevel marketing scheme" with the claim that the device was being suppressed by an establishment conspiracy against cancer "cures".[4]

In Australia, the use of Rife's machine has been blamed for causing the deaths of cancer patients who could have been cured with conventional therapy.[6]

The Attorneys General of Wisconsin and Minnesota sued Shelvie Rettmann, a proponent of Rife's "frequency generator" for deceptive trade practices and consumer fraud. The Court found that Rettmann had violated the law and that, as a result of her actions, a cancer patient had ceased chemotherapy and died four months later.[23]

Although Rife devices are not registered by the U.S Food and Drug Administration and have been linked to deaths among cancer sufferers, the Seattle Times reported that over 300 people attended the 2006 Rife International Health Conference in Seattle, where dozens of unregistered devices were sold.[5]


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