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when will i see weight loss results

Hi I have been on Zoloft for 5 weeks and have lost weight. I was and am quite concerned about weight gain too. I am very small and a couple of pounds makes a big difference on me.

Jan 11, 2009

I have gained at least 45 lbs since starting Zoloft a few years ago. I'm 41 years old and I have NEVER been this heavy in my life. I'm right around 245 at 6 ft tall. As an adult I've fluctuated between 175-195. About 3 years ago I started taking Zoloft gradually. I think I started with no more than 25mg per day, maybe less. Over the next few months I tapered up to higher doses. During those months I started craving carbohydrates. We all get cravings now and then and I didn't think much of it. But I started making special

trips to the store just to buy peanut M&M's. Within less than 2 months I had gained 30 lbs. I consulted my prescribing doctor who told me that Zoloft does cause carb craving - information he could have told me BEFORE I started the medication. A few months later I asked him specifically if Zoloft slows metabolism and he said the jury was still out. But I would say my craving for carbs increased and I feel that my metabolism is much slower.

Yes, medications can affect different people in different ways. I think in general that Zoloft makes you crave carbs and slows metabolism. But I think the dosage of Zoloft is a big factor also. I didn't notice dosage amounts in any of the posts above. If Zoloft does cause weight gain, you'll probably notice more weight gain with higher doses.

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