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Many Canadians are unaware of the fact that they can grow certain rare species of bamboo in every Province. We are collectors of rare, exotic, and cold hardy bamboo plants, that can make your yard look like it is in the tropics. We are offering for sale some of our rare bamboo plant collection, as well as bamboo poles, and bamboo fencing.

We have been in business since 1998, and welcome all visitors to our retail center, to see the majestic bamboo groves. Our bamboo farm is located in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, a suburb of Vancouver.

Feel free to look at our site, and learn about this beautiful, most used plant on earth.

In North America we do not realize the significance of this miracle grass and its colorful history. From the making of the Wright brothers flyer, to Thomas Alva Edison's light bulb, bamboo has played a significant

role because of its remarkable properties. Testing has shown bamboo to rival some metals in tensile strength. Bamboo's potential as a source of pulp fiber and as a soil stabilizer from erosion is remarkable. As a food source, bamboo shoots are enjoyed by billions of people; it has also been shown to be an excellent feed for livestock.

In the garden, as the fastest growing woody plant on earth, bamboo shows its rewards quickly, as a beautiful shade creator, or windscreen, and gives the urban dweller the potential for complete privacy in an incredibly fast time. Bamboo has been recorded growing over 4 feet in one day.

As a renewable building material, bamboo is becoming increasingly popular in place of lumber. Bamboo regenerates in years not the decades it takes for a forest of trees to renew itself. This plant deserves more attention and is finally becoming more popular in North America.

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