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10 best digital cameras you can buy in 2015

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We pick out the best cameras for every kind of photographer – and every price bracket


The best camera you can buy isn't always the one that costs the most money. People want different things from their cameras, so while pros will want a powerful DSLR at the heart of an extensive system of lenses and accessories, it will be big, heavy, awkward and almost certainly not the 'best' camera for the rest of us.

Photography enthusiasts want the best combination of performance and versatility for their money, which could be a DSLR or a mirrorless camera – both take interchangeable lenses. Or maybe what you actually need is a high-end compact camera with the controls of a digital SLR in a body you can fit in your

pocket? Or a long-zoom bridge camera capable of tackling just about any subject under the sun?

And the fact is that for many of us a camera is just a tool. As long the picture quality is good enough, the camera just has to be easy, affordable and effective. So we've picked the 10 best cameras you can buy right now across this whole spectrum of users, and along the way we'll explain the pros and cons of each type.

1. Nikon D810

The top DSLR for quality conscious experts and professionals

Type: DSLR | Sensor: Full-frame, 36.3Mp | Lens: Nikon FX (DX supported in crop mode) | Monitor: 3.2-inch, 1,229K dots | Viewfinder: Optical | Continuous shooting: 5fps | Movies: 1080 | User level: Expert

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