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Where can i buy clothes

where can i buy clothes

These mods allow you to disenchant many of the enchanted items in the game, allowing you to put your own enchantment on them:

Changed some of the artifacts and unique weapons in Skyrim so that you can now disenchant them, and learn their effects, allowing you to place artifact enchantments on normal weapons. All armor/clothing enchantments can go on any item of clothing/armor.

Adds the ability to disenchant several Unique items and Artifacts and adds the effects to your enchant menu so you can use them just like any other enchantments. 16 OF THEM! In addition, all of the Armor enchantments in this package can be used on ANY piece of armor or jewelry- no restrictions to type. I would also recommend the "I put a spell on you" mod at skyrim nexus

so you use all the other default armor enchantments on any piece of armor with no restrictions as well.In addition, with this mod you can dramitically increase the power/ number of charges with the optional mod files included in the zip.

This mod allows you to remove enchantments from weapons and armour, reverting them to their base item state via the use of a 'Disenchantment Font'.

To remove an enchantment from an item, search the Disenchantment Font then 'store' any item you want disenchanted into the Disenchantment Font. The font will then spend a few seconds removing the enchantment then it will put the disenchanted item back into your inventory. If a disenchantment couldn't be performed then the item will be placed back into your inventory the same as you put it in.

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