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Where can you buy inexpensive plus size maternity clothes?

where can i buy maternity clothes

As I am A plus size women I am like a 2x in pants/ size 22

and shirts I am like 1 x I am very big breasted. 42 F.


Best Answer:   I am in a very similar situation to you. Actually, we are pretty much the same size. Anyways, Ive had difficulty finding maternity clothes myself.

Most every where I have been has had the regular sized maternity clothes and nothing that will fit me. I wonder if they even realize bigger girls are moms to be too?

Tops I have really had no problem finding for cheap. Its the pants that are expensive. I bought several tops at Burkes Outlet, they are cheap. I found one pair of jeans and a pair of shorts that are a little small but they work. They didnt really have anything in the plus sized section.

I went to Ross, everything I found was for the smaller girls, nothing that would fit me or was even worth the time of trying on.

I went to Motherhood Maternity, lots of cute clothes, again for the smaller moms to be. The plus sized section was a very small section way in the back and the pants were running somewhere around $50.

I went into Lane Bryant, same thing, very expensive, I didnt even really bother browsing once I saw prices.

I also tried Wal-Mart but I think the largest size they went to was an 18, not going to fit me, especially when I get huge.

Sears told us they no longer carry

maternity clothes.

Target had some cute clothes, the pants were around $25, it was the first place I shopped. I didnt buy anything hoping to find something a little cheaper but it looks like I might end up back there.

I'm 23 weeks now, I bought a pair of regular plus sized black slacks that Im using for now at work. I also have a skirt that I keep pulled up to my bra line because it doesnt fit around my waist any more, but its long enough that I can get away with it like that.

Like I said, tops have been no problem finding, so Im sure that where ever you look you will have no problem finding tops that fit you. Its the bottoms you are going to have a hard time finding.

My skirt is now getting too tight and these black slacks arent going to make it to the 9 month mark, so I am planning to get back out there soon and see if I can find anything else even though Ive kinda searched high and low with no such luck.

I am sure there are sites online that will allow you to purchase plus size for cheap, but I am leery of that, I have to try my clothes on first to make sure they work for me before I buy them.

I know I havent really answered your question, but Ive at least shared my experience with you.

Best of luck and congrats on the new little one!

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