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Where can i buy number stickers

where can i buy number stickers

Welcome to the amazing world of decals!

What is a decal? It is a substrate with a pattern on it that can be applied to another surface. Such a simple thing and such an incredible variety of shapes, sizes, colors, functions, material! Don’t believe it? Just have a closer look.

Types. Nowadays, there exist two main types of decals – water decals and vinyl decals. Water decals should be dipped into water before the application. Vinyl decals are stickers and are preferred by many as they are easier to use and are claimed to be longer-lasting.

Variety. If you decide to buy decals and browse through the Internet or even through this website you can get lost in the world of multiple shapes, tones, sizes, patterns that decals suppliers have to offer.

Surface. What is the first thing that springs into your mind if you think of a decal? A hot rod car? Perhaps, decals for auto are the most popular kinds of decals though you can use it on any vehicle you like (there exist decals for motorcycles. decals for boats etc.). The choice is clear. People have the tendency to care and genuinely love their vehicle or at least treat it with respect and they often want to personalize it, to improve its look, to show its character or the character of its owner (be it flowers for women and hot wheels for man). You alone decide on the design of your vehicle and you can change it any time you want (decals are easily removed and leave no signs of being there). Fascinating, isn’t it? Besides with the variety of choice you are offered you can buy decals with any pattern that will match the color and design of your car. However, vehicles are not the only possible surface for decals. You can find decals for walls. decals for laptops. guitars, plastic models, helmets. The list is endless.

Function. The first function that comes to mind is esthetic. People often buy decals for

decoration and personalization. Clearly, they might really improve the look of whatever surface you stick them to, add style and elegance or brutality and aggressiveness. Depends only on what you prefer. However, this is not the only purpose that vinyl decals can serve. People use them for a number of reasons. Take custom vinyl car decals. E.g. flags of other nations. They are often used to show the loyalty to the country of your origin or to the country you live in. Some of car decals serve for safety purposes (baby on board, for instance). Decals are even used by government services for identification purposes. Decal is such an easy way to spread information that it is frequently used for promotional purposes. And it can certainly be used just for fun.

Price and use. Another advantage of these products is that that they are cheap and very easy to use.

History. Surprising as it may be but decals have a history of more than 200 years. They are not the invention of 20th century. The word decal was coined in 1750 by a Frenchman Simon François Ravenet who was the first to use this method for ornamenting ceramics. It comes from the French word decalquer. Clearly, the process was much more time-consuming and expensive and it was not so easy to apply a decal to the ceramic surface but it gave a good start. It was not until the end of the 19 century that ordinary people became interested in decals. This period bears the name “decalcomania”. By the time due to the technological progress the process of application became easier and less expensive and people preferred to decorate their own china with prints rather than buy expensive hand-decorated china. Later on decals could be also found on glass and other surfaces. The invention of scanners, Internet, image editors led to the apparition of great variety of different types of long-lasting decals with high resolution.

Decals are both so simple and so amazing! You should try it!

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