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Where can i buy powerpoint

where can i buy powerpoint

Understanding the screen

PowerPoint has several 'views' that allow you to edit and see presentation content in various useful ways. You can switch among the views as you work by selecting one from the View menu

or clicking one of the five 'view' buttons in the lower left-hand corner of the PowerPoint window.

Tip: Office 2000 may be installed to show only your most recent menu selections. To see non-visible choices, click the double-headed arrow at the bottom of the menu list, or hold the mouse over the menu for a few seconds. Either of these actions will then display all the choices in that menu item.

In the Normal view, the screen is split

into three sections showing the presentation outline on the left, the slide in the main window, and notes at the bottom.

Outline View in 2000 | no Outline View in 2002 (XP)

In the Outline view, the majority of the screen shows all the titles and body text in your presentation whereas the slide and notes appear on small windows. In Outline view, you can move slides around within your presentation and also edit your text.

The Slide Sorter view shows you a minature of each slide in your presentation. You can drag slides around on the screen to reposition them in this view. You can also select and copy multiple slides should you want to use them in other presentations.

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