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Wall Decals Buying Guide

Wall Decals Buying Guide

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Man was born with creative instincts. This inevitable trait was evident during ancient times, even when highly advanced architectural design technology and methods were still underdeveloped. Over time, wall decals have become a means by which man came to embrace appreciation of everyday life expressed through art.

This guide was written to provide adequate information about wall decals. It is a simple overview of wall decals’ history, types, and functions and also provides buyers with some information relevant in choosing the best wall decals to fit one’s needs and specifications. This guide also arms readers with useful tips for buying specific decals, vinyls, and stickers online with confidence.

History of Wall Decals

Long before the creation of modern wall decals, humans were expressing their creative abilities through other forms of wall art. These were manifested through ancient wall paintings, murals, and other architectural designs. Historical evidence takes us way back to the European prehistoric times, approximately 32,000 years ago, when cavemen and apes were still practically non-distant relatives. Using pigments, resins, plant saps, and animal blood, man’s ancestors interpreted momentous events and rituals through wall drawings and sculptures.

Ancient Egyptians attempted to preserve past practices, knowledge, and beliefs through symbolic and highly stylized wall murals. These murals, dating way back from 5000 BC to 300 AD, depicted social classes and order, and were regarded as a means by which Egyptians honored their deities, rulers, and the concept of afterlife.

In Central America, the Mayans decorated temple interiors with images and paintings that showed battle scenes, acts of nobility, and sacrificial rituals. These elaborate murals, dating back to 790 AD, were considered to be highly advanced. The Mayans used subtle techniques, colors, and style which influenced today’s art forms.

These different types of wall art have been preserved to honor the past and have become sources of inspiration even with the introduction of newer, digitized technology. In today’s generation, paintings and custom wall murals are still widely appreciated and highly regarded but cost way too much. Only rich people can afford them. Over time, people discovered ways to transform art into practical, modern, and affordable forms. This brought about the rise of wall decals, which have become one of the staples of home and commercial design.

The Lowdown on Wall Decals

Wall decals. sometimes called "wallies," are tapestries. appliques, or stickers that are commonly made from vinyl matte and laminates. They are purposely applied to walls as ornaments and can dramatically change a room’s ambience, much like paints or wallpapers do. They can reinvent any plain, boring room and transform it into a wild safari adventure within minutes, at costs that won’t break the bank.

The need for wall decals has continued to increase, especially in today’s fast-paced environment where money is always an issue. People simply do not have the time to decorate nor the money to hire a professional interior designer. People desire home makeovers but are hesitant to engage in house-remodeling projects due to skyrocketing costs associated with this venture. With wall decals, everyone now has the opportunity to transform their abodes into something that represents their personalities, styles, and outlooks in life, at a fraction of the cost of a professional remodel. Wall decals are widely available and are extremely fast to apply, and even a non-professional can decorate with ease.

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Types of Wall Decals

Decals are characterized by their designs and the materials of which they are made. Commonly made out of laminated paper or matte vinyl, decals are one-sided adhesive materials available in different custom-cutouts, wall borders, letters, and words. While not all vinyls are reusable, most of them are. Most versions come with a laminate overlay that protects the decal print from being stretched or torn when removed from a surface. Having this laminate allows people to resituate and reuse wall decals. This is especially beneficial to do-it-yourself newbies who still commit amateur decorating errors.

Manufacturers offer pre-cut and pre-printed wall decal designs that measure around 30cm x 50cm, 60cm x 100cm, and 100cm x 100cm. Most of these decals are peel-offs and can be easily affixed to any smooth-surface ceramic, glass, and concrete wall or tile. Unlike wallpapers, which crack in high humidity, wall decals are more resistant to peeling or cracking. Water and smoke-resistant, wall decals are made to last for years without fading, making them a great choice for cash-strapped homeowners.

Wall murals are bigger decal versions that cover entire walls. These materials adhere to surfaces with the use of strong adhesive pastes, similar to those used for applying wallpaper. Wall decals come in a wide variety of options to choose from. Available in countless designs, colors, and sizes, decals come in repeating patterns or special design themes that complement existing painted walls. Popular choices include cartoon character and sports themes for nurseries and children’s rooms. Nature themes, on the other hand, are popular choices for living rooms, family rooms, and even office reception areas. Some designs are much bolder in style and come in abstract and geometric patterns, perfect for the more eclectic of personalities.

Function of Wall Decals

Vinyl was initially used as the main element for sign-making. Since they are very durable, vinyl decals have also begun dominating the fleet graphics and advertising business. They are also used on wall building exteriors to help companies promote services and enhance company branding.

Because of their flexibility, quality, and ease-of-use, vinyl wall decals have transcended as one of today’s most popular interior decorating options. They are a proven and cost-effective alternative to hiring a professional interior designer. Some manufacturers offer personalized digital designs and blown-up landscape printouts tailored to fit any wall specification. Used to decorate bedrooms, children’s rooms, office reception areas, daycare centers, and other establishments, vinyl wall decals add flair, depth, and visual interest to a barren, drab wall.

Built for easy mounting and removal, wall decals are useful decorating musts for dormitories and rental houses. Rental property owners usually enforce contracts that prohibit painting, renovation, and other activities that totally change the whole look of a rental home. With wall decals, tenants can decorate according to personal preference, which makes for a better living environment that matches their moods, styles, and personalities. What’s even better is that they can proceed with customization without fear of having to face lawsuits associated with rental agreement violations. Tenants can remove wall decals easily immediately after the rental contract term expires, and it won’t take them long to do it. Since these materials do not leave any ugly adhesive residue on walls, tenants can breathe easy leaving rental homes in a similar or better state compared to when they moved in.

Wall decals bearing words, letters, and inspirational quotes are also becoming more popular these days. These types are often seen in certain establishments such as offices, schools, and places of worship where people needed to be constantly reminded of values, beliefs, and positivity. In offices, employers use wall decals to encourage their workforce to perform well, work amicably with others, and bring forth successful outcomes. Decals applied in office reception areas can keep customers interested, especially when decorators change these backdrops from time to time. Since people spend time waiting for interviews or meetings in reception areas, wall decals provide them with stimulating visuals that relieve boredom. Staring at visually-attractive walls is a better way to kill time compared to looking at just plain white walls.

Establishments also use wall decals in place of pricey wood or custom-lighted board signage such as "Ladies’ Room" or "Welcome." In homes, decals are used to label cabinetry and storage spaces, which makes for easier organization and categorization of items.

Some event organizers also use wall decals as occasion backdrops that add that little extra pizzaz to any wedding, party, or corporate seminar. Since manufacturers offer custom-made designs suited to specific sizes, wall decals prove to be a viable option for people aiming to create a sophisticated look without seeming like it was done by an amateur. Such flexibility is just what everyone needs when time and resources are limited.

Depending on the design, wall decals add an illusion of space and depth to any cramped room. They also provide warmth and cohesiveness when matched with complementing furniture and lighting accents. With wall decals, anyone can now remodel a home and produce tasteful, elegant design concepts that notch higher than their actual price tag. Whether added as an accent to complement plain or printed walls, or built as a mural, wall decals prove to be a worthy investment.

Do-It-Yourself Decorating Using Wall Decals

Compared to traditional tapestries, decals are much more affordable and easier to apply, and they do not require the fuss associated with wall painting or

even wallpaper mounting. Self-adhesive, they are also mess-free, requiring no long prep time and glues that leave sticky residues and stains that may ruin the whole project. Other ancillary equipment that bloats the project cost such as paint supplies, wallpaper, nails, and drills, is unnecessary.

Unlike stencils and paints, wall decals are much easier to apply and clean. When paints chip and bubble, homeowners need to repaint the whole surface to provide uniformity in color and application. In addition, they also need to purchase expensive base materials prior to actual repainting. Most wall decals can be repositioned, which is a useful feature, especially when people want to move or rearrange furniture every once in a while. Stencils can be moved, but one will have difficulty in doing so.

Decal application is easy as pie and can be accomplished without the help of a seasoned interior decorator or professional. Wall decals were made to adhere to any surface as long as it is smooth. Remaining scraps may also be used to accentuate any old headboard, wood table, or glass or metal surface. Because of their design range, affordability, and ease of use, wall decals have become a decorator’s home-styling favorite.

A Few Tips for Buying Wall Decals

Whether a professional or a homeowner, one must consider a few important things before jumping onto the bandwagon and having a careless wall decal shopping spree. These are simple know-hows that could turn a do-it-yourself project into a successful undertaking.

Have a Clear Objective

One interior design must is to have a clear understanding of the goals that need to be accomplished for a certain room or project. Know what furniture and appliances work with what wall decal design. This is necessary in creating that cohesive look and feel for every room. Without a central focal idea in mind, one can get lost and frustrated. Even the best-looking decals, if poorly matched with the rest of the room’s elements, can prove to be a disaster. There has to be a centralized theme and style that flows from one room component to another.

In decorating a room, it is essential for one to have a clearly planned layout. It should show where major furniture pieces should be positioned so that picking wall decals won’t be a tedious task. One shouldn’t pick out wall decals that bear inspirational quotes knowing that these will just be covered when the TV is mounted on the wall. Decide if certain designs are meant to be centered or placed onto one side. Just because some wall decals are removable and reusable doesn’t mean that it is advisable for one to have total disregard for how the rest of the room is arranged. Note that even reusable wall decals tend to lose their adhesive qualities when removed and applied more than once. For wall murals, the adhesive is not that easy to remove and sometimes comes off with the wall paint.

Before placing an order on a custom-made wall decal mural, do measure the spaces accurately. There’s nothing more disappointing than receiving a fantastic mural design that doesn’t fit. It’s like getting your "Cinderella" shoes one size too big or too small. To avoid committing this mistake, ask for assistance from the wall decal manufacturer. More often than not, they provide free assessments, including an ocular visit and measurements. Since they are trained and experienced in doing this, manufacturers are less likely to make mistakes. In unlikely cases that they do, their management won’t treat it as the customer’s fault. Customers can even demand a reprint.

Choose wall decals or appliques that are non-toxic to protect children from exposure to unsafe, ingestible materials that may compromise their health and safety. No matter how cute the design is or how cheap they are, toxic wall decals won’t be a worthy undertaking knowing kids aren’t safe with them around.

Choosing Children’s Room Essentials

Choose colorful designs that children can relate to, like a cartoon character or cute baby animals that enhance children’s imaginations and promote a whimsical ambiance. Borders and accents can also be used to adorn existing plain walls and are perfect ways to add a decorative value to children’s bedrooms. These can also be used for organization purposes to label toy bins, school supplies, and clothes.

Choose Wall Decals That Channel Good Energy

People disregard the importance of having a room that exudes positivity. Studies show that people who have started their day on a positive note are more productive, more approachable, and are relatively better performers than those who started off on the wrong side of the bed. In order to promote great office energy, decorate common places with inspirational decals that remind people of how special they are or how great life is. Since the home is supposed to function as an escape from the outside world and a haven for people to relax in, one should choose wall decals in hues and in patterns promoting a zen-like, calm feeling.

Where to Shop for Wall Decals on eBay

The emergence of e-commerce has opened doors for people to get access to a wide range of quality wall decals originating from different parts of the world. People who don’t have the luxury of time going from place to place in search of products have the internet as their best alternative. One major site to bookmark is eBay. an online portal that provides a selection of vendors offering wall decals at competitive prices. Once the buyer has decided on what style, size, and design to buy, they can simply type the keyword ‘wall decals’ into the search tab and press ‘Enter’ to narrow down the category of wall decal vendors and offers. Another option is to click ‘Category &’ on the upper left side of the page. You will be taken to a page that shows all the different eBay categories arranged from A to Z, after which, click on ‘Home & Garden. ’ On the left side of the page, there are options available if you need to narrow down your search. Move your cursor to the ‘Inside the Home &’ tab, click on the ‘Home Decor & Accents &’ category, and then the ‘Wall Decor &’ category. Lastly, click ‘Decals, Stickers & Vinyl. ’ Here, you will see hundreds of vendors that offer wall decal products and services from all over the world. To let the eBay marketplace know about a particular product you wish to purchase, post your requirements under the ‘Want It Now &’ listing. When a match is found by the system, eBay will do its job by emailing you that such a match exists.

Note that eBay does not guarantee that legitimacy of all sellers, so before buying anything from the site, make sure to do a background check. One way to do this is to check out the seller’s feedback page, previous comments, and ratings by other buyers. eBay Power Sellers & with Paypal payment options also prove to be more reliable since these vendors have already established a positive reputation. In the unlikely event that a transaction becomes faulty for you as a buyer, you can report such by immediately sending a message to eBay Customer Support. As an added feature, eBay provides its members with an eBay Buyer Protection service that protects customers from faulty transactions. It also provides customers with relevant information regarding how eBay resolves disputes presented by either buyers and sellers.


Since wall decals come in a myriad of designs, sizes, and colors, one can get lost trying to find the perfect one for his or her needs. By using this guide, buyers will be able to achieve successful results that save them tremendous time, money, and effort. To achieve the best possible shopping and DIY experience, always be mindful of the basics of online trade. Do a little research on the seller’s reputation and previous transactions before buying. Make sure that the seller provides all necessary information such as pictures, product descriptions, and terms to help buyers evaluate. Look for sellers that offer the best products at the best, most cost-effective price. Note that cheap offers do not always guarantee a good sale. Check if shipping costs are reasonable. Make sure that vendors offer insurance, a money-back guarantee, or manufacturer’s warranty that protects buyers from lost or damaged goods. Read through the terms and conditions carefully. Buyers are entitled to ask sellers for more information, especially if the descriptions or photos are unclear or incomplete. Don’t be shy and ask away. As an added precaution, transact with sellers that offer Paypal payment options. This way, buyers are guaranteed a payment security feature that verifies identities and protects their interests. By being equipped with the necessary information ahead of time, buyers can soon be on their way to a successful wall decal shopping experience.

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