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Where can i find a wii fit balance board

where can i find a wii fit balance board

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My husband & I deliberately took our time to purchase a Wii Fit as we wanted to see a few reviews before taking the plunge. A few friends had got one and they liked it. However, the seal of approval that came from my brother-in-law was the one that made us decide. He had his a week and cancelled his gym subscription saying that this Wii Fit was better than any gym and made him "use muscles he didn't know he had!" From a bloke who was in the army for 10 years, that is some endorsement!!

We got ours last week and apart from being perhaps a wee bit awkward to set up - mostly in the configuring the balance board to the console; the instructions on this aren't the best - but once it was up & running, it was a dawdle.

You have to load in personal details like your age & height but

this is easily done with your normal Wii remote. There is emphasis on your balance & centre of gravity and is the starting point for your assessment. This made me think of the Alexander Technique which is considered to be the best 'thing' for posture improvement etc. A few fun games later & this thing has you sussed. It then gives you the once over for weight, height etc and presents you with the final reading. I had no problems with either the BMI or the weight it gave me. Both of these were in keeping with my last gym assessment.

I am a member of a ladies 30-min gym which concentrates mostly on muscle tone so my cardiovascular exercise is not what I would like it to be. I don't really have enough self-discipline to go out running or swimming etc which was one of the main reasons for getting the Wii Fit. I still thought I was of ok fitness though. until I got on the darn thing. Read more ›

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