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Where can you buy a hedgehog

where can you buy a hedgehog


Best Answer:   When you buy do not buy it online look for a breeder or pet shop that carries them. Ask the seller questions like these.

How old is the hedgehog? A hedgehog (hoglet) should be at least 6 weeks old before you take it home.

Where did the hedgehog come from? (Ask for any "pedigree" papers if relevant).

What have you been feeding the hedgehog? This will help you to determine the condition of the hedgehog and whether changes are needed or if the diet has been a good one.

Do you have a licence to sell the hedgehog? In the US, a hedgehog seller must have a USDA license.

Can I return the hedgehog if things don't work out? Be clear on this from the outset. There are two considerations: replacement hedgehogs for a loss from illness (including genetic illness) or simply a return/exchange for a hedgehog that doesn't get along with you.

Consider the following things for yourself when you pick up a potential pet; look closely at the hedgehog you're considering and ask yourself

Does the hedgehog have clean, bright eyes? Do not consider a hedgehog with runny eyes or conjunctivitis. Same for eyes that are half-closed, sunken or droopy; this is unlikely to indicate a healthy hedgehog.

Does the hedgehog have a clean nose? Again, don't choose a hedgehog with a runny nose. Listen to the breathing; if you hear any rasping noises, be wary of the possibility of a respiratory infection.

Are the ears clean? Any discharge or scabs should be queried. Nibbled patches are usually caused by close proximity to siblings and as long as these are properly healed, they can be dismissed as being a problem.

Is the underbelly soft and clear of tangles?

Set it down and watch it walk. Use commonsense in assessing the gait; if it walks normally, all is probably fine. If it wobbles, limps or winces, the hedgehog is not likely to be in healthy condition.

Is the hedgehog responsive? Your chosen hedgehog should be alert and interested. A lethargic hedgehog is a sign that all is not well.

Check the quills (spines). These are a very good indicator of health. If there are any bare spots missing quills or unusual discoloration, the hedgehog may not be in good health.

Check the weight of the hedgehog. You could ask for the weight but you should also try to assess the overall look of the hedgehog for yourself. You don't want an emaciated hedgehog (caved-in stomach); it should look well-rounded and plump. On the other side, you don't want an overweight hedgehog

who cannot roll into a ball.

Ask about any injuries or scabs. If you see injuries or scabs, ask the seller how these occurred. Consider carefully whether this will affect your ability to keep the hedgehog. It is one thing to have healed quill wounds from close confinement; it is another to have a blind hedgehog unless you are truly dedicated.

Check for mites! If the skin is crusty around the base of the quills, the skin may be infested with mites or fleas. Alternatively, it could be a sign of dry skin. Either way, ask the seller what is being done to treat this problem and be prepared to keep up the treatment if you choose this hedgehog, until the problem is resolved.

Test the temperament of your chosen hedgehog:

Some hedgies are very adventurous.

Some hedgies are very adventurous.

Does the hedgehog unroll when you pick it up? Just as with people, hedgehogs are personalities in their own right. A shy hedgehog will take longer to unroll than a more outgoing one.

There is nothing wrong with a shy pet; it is only your expectations that can mar a relationship with such a pet. If you want a more outgoing hedgehog, pick one that unrolls more readily and doesn't mind you handling it so much. It is likely that a hedgehog that has been handled a lot will be more responsive. Ask the seller about its habits if you can't see them for yourself.

Does the hedgehog click at you? Normal hedgehog noises include cheeping and purring sounds. If the hedgehog makes clicking sounds, it is behaving threateningly and will be unlikely to make a suitable pet.

In general, the personality is not gender-specific, so you can choose a male or a female according to your wants. It is the personality and behavior that you should be looking at closely.

A couple tips and warnings for your girlfriend.

Ask for proof of veterinarian checks; don't take the seller's word for it. Even if you don't need to ask about vet checks, it may be useful to ask about a vet who cares for hedgehogs, for future purposes.

In some respects, choosing a hoglet is like choosing a kitten: the more outgoing ones will be seen crawling about, unrolling playfully and behaving in an extrovert fashion; the quiet, shy and cuddly ones are also exhibiting their traits.Choose the personality that suits your

needs and wants.

Hedgehogs are solitary beings, preferring not to have a cage-mate. Females tolerate another female better than two males or a mix. However, if you wish to own more than o

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