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Where can you buy a megaphone

where can you buy a megaphone

The Democratic Sugar-Daddy/Sugar-Mama Dossier

Illustrations by Steve Brodner

E ver since the Supreme Court's decisions in Citizens United and McCutcheon v. FEC, the influence of big money in politics, such as that wielded by the Koch brothers, has been a matter of concern to Democrats. That's because conservative big-spenders have perfected the use of so-called social welfare organizations, which shield their donors from public disclosure, for baldly political purposes—especially for televisions ads at election time. Based on an interview with  Viveca Novak of the Center for Media and Democracy,  the  Tampa Bay Times'

PolitiFact website reported . " Republicans tend to donate to and use non-disclosing groups  more than Democrats do." PolitiFact's Lauren Carroll wrote. " Conservative political nonprofits spent almost five times as much as liberal ones in 2012, according to Open Secrets data. [As of June 23] in 2014, they have spent almost twice as much."

Jonathan Soros

Laura Ricketts

Tom Steyer 

Steve Mostyn and Amber Anderson Mostyn

Tim Gill

Sean Parker

The Reclusive Rockefeller

Alida Messinger 

Home. Afton, Minnesota

Occupation. Philanthropist, conservationist

Haim Saban

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