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Where can you buy tickets

where can you buy tickets

Day 1 August 11

Start your Photoshop World journey with a bang by choosing any class or track you want to join in on!

Here on your own? Meet up with like-minded people at this exclusive networking event for creatives just like you.

Day 2 August 12

During the second day, you’ll be hungry for more. Choose any track, any class and get the hands-on learning you’ve always wanted.

Get plenty of insight and inspiration at this interactive panel discussion with some of today’s leading photographers. A must-attend event for all!

Day 3 August 13

As you approach your final day, you’ll feel enlightened, inspired and bursting with knowledge. And there will still be time for even more learning.

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was your aha moment? Mine - attending my very first @PhotoshopWorld_ - since that day to this, @KelbyOne keeps me learning and inspired!

Latanya Henry @lhshutterbug

Just signed up for @MoosePeterson Photo Safari @PhotoshopWorld_. Can't wait to lear & pass it on to my media students @MCHSWolves. #PSW2015

Booter @gregboutestein

@PhotoshopWorld_ @KStohl I've been going to #PSW for 5 years now. It's always a blast to go back and get my creative reset :) #PSWChat

Craig McCormick @DestructivePix

@PhotoshopWorld_ The workbook's a great resource. Most classes are in it, but if one isn't, I may attend that class. #PSWChat

Christopher Arnold @carnolddesigns

@KStohl @PhotoshopWorld_ My brain is usually a carry on going home! Something new to learn at every #PSW2015 #PSWChat

Christopher Arnold @carnolddesigns

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