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Where do i report scams

A not for profit group based in Britain.

If you use chat rooms and Web dating / matchmaking services, beware - West African fraudsters abound!

They pretend to be "on a contract in Nigeria".

Yahoo Personals, a report from a user: "It is infested with active Nigerian and Russian scammers". alert. A user tells us that is infested with scammers and that the site does not respond to fraud reports. Scammers reported on a warning. A person approached by the scammers via (Europe) complained to the company and made some suggestions about improving security for users. This is how she reports's reply: "according to their user terms they neither would nor could monitor or verify how their pages are used by their members. Members have to take full responsibility for themselves ". ( These names have been reported: fmseekinglove20, markbullock, nic_bent, hello247, kindnessofheart01, rickyricky4, daveseek1, jasonluv, sbennettluv22, treasure123, re Manchester, honestfeel119.)

For romance scam questions not answered here, check the comprehensive resource: DANGERS OF INTERNET DATING

Asola Fadola.

June 2010. British police and their counterparts in Ghana track and arrest a prolific romance scammer. Amongst other aliases he used "Steve Moon" and he posed as a US Army officer. His real name is Asola Fadola and he had a "company" called Fadola Mining Company Ltd. of Accra, Ghana. Britain's BBC (for their programme Crimewatch) sent a team to meet other romance scammers in Ghana. These are a couple of the real faces behind the scams. They have all sent victims pictures stolen from Websites, but thanks to the BBC we can now reveal some genuine pictures of the criminals who prey on the vulnerable.

If you are concerned about a potential romance scam, please read the notes below. Remember that the criminals will normally be based in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin. They will typically ask for money to be sent via Western Union. They will groom potential victims for many weeks. Please do not fall for their faked pictures and ridiculous lies.

"This man has been writing to me for some time now and tells me he lives here

and is on a job site in Africa, Nigeria, he even sent me flowers and I called the pro-flowers and he used a stolen CC."


"That's when he asked for money via Western Union to pay for his flight home as he had no money left. He had a car crash on the way to his work site. He needed to pay lawyers bills, doctors bills etc. Anyway, he then moved on to ask for a loan as his company wouldn't let him leave the country, took his passport etc."

"he insisted that his "employer" would not pay him directly, but that he would have his "employer" mail me a check for the amount of $10,000. He told me that I could keep $1000 of this and simply deposit the entire check in my checking account and then mail $9000 to him. This was after much of his begging for me to wire him money via Western Union, give him my credit card or banking numbers, etc."

To illustrate the methods used by the dating site cheats I can do no better than quote some recent reports from people who have been approached by the criminals. You may well have arrived here because you very sensibly decided to carry out a search on a suspect name or location. Once you have read this page you will be able to decide if you have become a target of the fraudsters. NB The criminals are cunning and have been known to groom victims for months. They may not make a request for money (or the cashing of a forged cheque) in the early stages, but remember, they can be harvesting your personal details from day one. The pictures below, except where noted otherwise, are samples of those they pick up around the Web and use to establish their fake identities. If the real subjects get in touch, they can be removed on request. No doubt there are legitimate Internet dating services but the writer suspects that certain sites have been set up for the purpose of fraud. Please take care.

They steal pictures like these for use in the scams, but see the real pictures of fraud criminals in the section below.

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