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Where do little people buy clothes

where do little people buy clothes

August 5, 2015

After moving in to our new house I was a little bit shocked when opening our electric bill. We are living in a space that is nearly three times the size of our old house (if you include the finished basement) so I guess that really shouldn't be such a shock but I needed to figure out ways to save on our energy.

Direct Energy has been working harder and thinking smarter to provide tools and technology consumers can use to understand their energy usage and #LiveBrighter. Direct Energy is the only energy provider to be a part of Plenti. Plenti lets you earn points at one place and use them at another, all within a single rewards program so that keeping track of your rewards is simple.

New customers will be able to earn 1,000 Plenti points at enrollment when they sign up for Plenti at and link their Plenti card number to their Direct Energy account; Existing Direct Energy customers will also earn 1,000 Plenti points when they sign up for Plenti at and link their Plenti card number to

their Direct Energy account.

PLUS you will receive a $75 pre-paid gift card when you sign up with Direct Energy. Use promo code LIVEBRIGHTER75 – valid until August 15th!

There are the most obvious things to consider when trying to conserve on energy. leaving your lights on, leaving the TVs on in empty rooms, turning up/down the thermostat, leaving the garden hose running. But there are so many less obvious ways to save on your energy that you probably weren't aware of like.

1. Ceiling fan motors should be reversed to blow air upward in winter. This causes the hot air that rises to your ceiling to be pushed back downwards where you reside. See that little switch. That will reverse the fan.

2. Use a freezer chest. A freezer chest uses less energy than it's upright equivalent. So if you're going to be storing a lot of stuff, a chest is the way to go. It might be a little more difficult to access the stuff on the bottom but you're going to end up using about 11-27% less energy than an upright freezer.

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