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Transit: Manila NAIA Terminal 3

where is naia terminal 3 located

NAIA T3 Entrance Hall

By this time, there may already be a number of impressions posted about the NAIA Terminal 3. the not-so-new spanking airport to open in Manila. Last week, I finally got to see the new terminal when my friends Oggie and Eric were headed to Bacolod for the long weekend. For many travelers, this is a welcome development since the old domestic airport and the NAIA Terminal 1 is already aging. So what do I think of the new airport?

NAIA T3 Check-in Counters

This may have been the most controversial structure ever built. The building actually started construction in 1997 but because of some bureaucratic red tape and legal battles, construction was prolonged and spanned until 2006 until it was nearly complete. I remember this quite well since an architect friend of mine was involved in designing and construction on a portion of the terminal ceiling, which part I forgot. So finally after more than a decade from conception it officially opened last July 22, 2008 .

NAIA T3 Tarmac Boarding

The entrance hall is very spacious, I especially like the high ceiling. The ceiling design and the vertical V-beams looks very modern with its accented lighting. Very nice. It may not have the sophisticated architecture of other international airports I’ve been to but this is still very good.

There are lots of Check in Terminals which is an advantage for Cebu Pacific since they have numerous flights. I also noticed that PAL Express and Air Philippines have also moved their flights here. Farther on the other side are the international flights. Check-in was seamless and we didn’t encounter any problems.

NAIA T3 Walkators

We stayed for a while on the well padded seats on the waiting area where food stalls are located. had some breakfast meals at Kopi Roti there. We noticed the terminal was really cold that most people are covered up. Some people were comfortably sleeping while waiting for their flights.

Passing by immigration booths and paying terminal fees had no troubles. Except for a slight glitch where Oggie’s change was 100 pesos short paying the 200 Pesos terminal Fee. Must be a bit sleepy on their early morning shift, so make sure to always count your change. Construction are still on going inside the boarding waiting area. Probably more duty free shops and eateries going to open

NAIA T3 Baggage Claim Area

There are tubes available there but are still not functioning so we had to walk through the tarmac which is ok.

Fast forward on our way back, again we had to walk through the tarmac. I heard some people complaining of long walks to the baggage claim area but I didn’t think it was that long compared to the walk from the old NAIA terminal 1. Besides, there are already walkators there but I wish they hadn’t blocked the view with a wall or just placed them in the middle like the other airports I’ve been to. Baggage claim area is quite spacious, we easily got our bags with no problems aside from the people blocking our way.

Now comes the Taxi terminal which needs to be a bit organized. Right now there are only two allowed taxi companies there, the fixed rate Yellow cabs which is quite expensive and the metered MGE taxis. The only problem was the waiting area since there are no lines people can just race for those taxis. I wish they organized it like the Taxi queue in the old domestic terminal. With the on coming Christmas season, I’m sure this terminal could get crowded.

Generally, I’m quite happy with NAIA Terminal 3. Like I said earlier, I’m also glad that it’s open and finally being used than to just rot away choked in mothballs. So far operations are looking good, maybe address those taxi issues and all.

Directions to NAIA 3 via EDSA:

EDSA – Magallanes Flyover – Turn right at nichols. Go straight. NAIA 3 just ahead

EDSA – Tramo – Left to Nichols. Go around rotonda and straight ahead is NAIA 3

27 comments on “ Transit: Manila NAIA Terminal 3 ”

I was here last week on my way to KK so I had a good view of the whole operation as well. pero andami kong bloopers sa NAIA 3 ha, kakatawa. Akala ata nila ang Kota Kinabalu ay sa Mindanao so naisama ako sa local flights, kamusta naman yun. Tapos ang gate numbers sa intern’l at local flights ay pareho so nalito talaga ko. tapos sabi nung isang nag-aadminister, paano daw aka nakalusot? hala e bawat puntahan ko

pinapakita ko ang boarding pass ko. di pa naman fully operational ang NAIA3 marami pa ang in construction. pero kumpara sa lumang airports, laking ginhawa namang kumilos dito.

last long weekend. anong day. kasi nanjan din ako. sayang di tyo nagkita. same time din na nandun ka.

and ngayon, okay lang ako magbayad na 200 terminal fee sa airport na yan compared dun sa old airport. di ko talaga matanggap na i’m paying the same amount sa sobrang magkaibang airport.

sure, the airport is a whole lot better than the old one… pero sana, when they decided to open, they were ready to operate in full capacity. the long walks through the tarmac is okay, but walkators (that are working) would really be helpful. ikli kasi! when we got back from cebu naman, pagbaba namin ng plane, pina-akyat uli kami sa stairs to get inside the airport! and we passed through the employee’s or cargo area (ewan kung ano yun!) to get to the tarmac! kamusta naman? but then again, these are tolerable. at least, wala kaming delay

Hay Rayts. when we were there a group din almost checked in sa Domestic flights buti nakita nung Guard. I guess one other thing they need to improve on is the signage for International and Domestic Check-in. Parang tanda ko, isang maliit na card board lang yung sign ng International when on the domestic row check-in.

Hahaha! yeah andun kami sa tapat ng Kopi Roti Tin-tin. True, I think my 200 bucks terminal fee is worth it here.

Barok. As with any new operations Barok kelangan pa rin ng improvements and they learn in the long run. The Walkators were working naman when we were there. Pero hassel ata yung akyat baba ninyo.

wulfriend! you know my sentiment naman when it comes to t3. i think the airport operations need smoothening, lalo na sa taxi queuing. but i guess they’ll do something about it. at least dito, you’re getting your 200 pesos worth compared to the old domestic airport which has seen better days. anyway, thanks at na-extra pa ako sa isang picture, hahaha. is it just me or are you returning the favor? hehehe

Very nicely done and modern-looking! I love the 4th photo. It reminds me so much of the time when I flew to Manila with Air Asia … The feelings i managed to get from the photo.

this i still got to see. too bad, i still don’t have any flight sched that will enable me to assess and marvel (?) its architecture. and what about taking photos? di ba mahirap o bawal?

Wow. At least, we’ve already got something to be proud of. Dapat nun pa ginawa yan to think we’re one of the first airports in Asia. Can’t wait to see the new airport.

Nice info. Now I can feel a little easier thinking about flying to Bacolod. The old domestic airport really sucks

to all who read this…can some one help me…i’m going to manila this coming 26,friday evening,cebu pacific…sa NAIA 3 ako babagsak…the thing is….i dont know how to go from naia 3 to naia 1….kasi my susunduin akung insan galing U.S…..anu ba sasakyan kung taxi….may malapit bang hotel sa airport…..kasi naman 2:45 pa ng mdaling araw darating… sa tgal ba namn dko nkapunta dyan…manuling morato na ata ako…can some1 help how to get there…at kung anung gate ako pupunta naia 1…what do i do first. i’m so overthetop clueless…….bare with me people….probinsyana kasi eh!!godbless!!

Im so happy kasi finally nakita ko na ang NAIA Terminal 3. maluwag at maganda..

BUT I have this terrible experience regarding the MGE taxi service..upon arrival in NAIA TERMINAL 3,Im looking for a taxi service that I can trust. My friends advised me to have the MGE taxi nga. PERO ANG NANGYARI, ANG DRIVER NG MGE TAXI SERVICE NA ITO IS BAROMBADO. IN THE SENSE NA NAGDADAGDAG NG 70 PESOS SA 30 PESOS NA START UP RATE. so 70 + 30= 100 pesos na ang start up rate nya. HINDI LANG YAN ANG DISPATSER NILA NAGBIBIGAY NG PIECE OF PAPER NA NAKALAGAY ANG plate number,company name ng taxi service at AIRPORT POLICE. BUT WHEN I TRIED TO CONTACT THE NUMBER NA NAKASULAT SA PAPER. “THANK YOU FOR CALLING GLOBE VOICE MESSAGE,THIS OFFER IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE” yan ang maririnig mo sa pagtawag mo. HERE IS THE NUMBER-8771109 LOC. 3939. napakaraming manloloko talaga. NASIRA ANG TINGIN KO SA TAXI COMPANY NA ITO. sana hindi kayo mabiktima ng taxi company na ito..

Thank goodness for this airport. I don’t think I can stand the old terminal any longer

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