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Where is terminal island

where is terminal island

Orcas Island Terminal and Cameras

There are 36-spaces available near the upper tollbooth and another 16 angle spaces near the upper tollbooth, but parking is not allowed on weekends during the summer. Parking is allowed on the county road for a short duration. There is high demand in the summer for parking.


While motorcycles are not, by Washington Administrative Code (WAC 468-300-700), a preferential loading category of users, they are often loaded prior to automobiles for operational and staging purposes. Arrival at the dock after vehicle load has commenced requires motorcycles to wait until all cars have been loaded for the next motorcycle loading opportunity. Motorcycles should proceed, while on the dock, at no more than 10 mph. Use caution when car decks are wet. The following information details specific staging for this terminal:

Motorcycle Fare Purchase/Redemption

Inter-island tickets may be purchased from kiosk in terminal or online in advance.

Tickets are required for traveling inter-island heading westbound from Orcas to Friday Harbor.

Motorcycle Entry/Staging

Pre-ticketed motorcyclists should proceed to lower ticket booth.

Loading order: bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles, late arriving motorcycles as space permits.

Motorcycle Special Communication

Recommended arrival time is 20 minutes prior to scheduled sailing.

On high traffic sailings, vessel overloads may occur for travel to Anacortes. To avoid missing a desired sailing, motorcyclists should arrive an hour prior to scheduled sailing.

Trucks that have a gross vehicle weight of over 80,000 lbs but are hauling less than 80,000 lbs will need to provide a weight slip.

Please fill out our Oversized/Overweight Vehicle Travel Request Form by downloading a .pdf version of the form and fax it to us at (206) 515-3846. Please allow three business days for completion and approval. You can contact us at anytime for status updates at (206) 464-6400 (Seattle).

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