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Where is wind gap pa

where is wind gap pa

DIY - Wind noise, window gap seals

DIY - Wind noise, window gap seals

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If your suby has wind noise coming in thru the weater stripping you can adjust the windows to seal better.

Opening and closing the doors and the weather stripping settling causes them to fit a little sloppier than when the car left the factory.

1. Identify where the wind noise is coming from (front or rear door, right, left).

Spraying a hose directly at the window seal can also itentify an inproper seal.

2. Make sure that the doors do NOT stick out farther than the fenders on your car. If they do it acts as a scoop and pressurizes the doorjam. If this may be the case, adjust the fenders to fit properly.

3. Take an ordinary dollar bill and shut the door with the window up, to see if the window grabs the dollar. Work your way around the window and identify where the loose seal is.

4. Remove your interior door panel. A few screws and it should pop off with a tug. Plasic clips hold it in, they may break in this process, they're cheap, so don't freak out. Unhook the wiring at the harness clips and set aside the panel.

5. Frameless windows like a GC body suby will have several 10mm bolts that you can

access to adjust the way the window seats. Remove the plastic sheild that is dum-dummed to the door to get to them.

6. There should be a vertical adjustment, a horizontal adjustment, and felt covered stoppers that the window slides against to stabilize it. Grab a flashlight and inspect the door guts to figure it out. They're all 10mm I'll bet.

7. Adjust the horizontal bolt a small amount, and then shut the door. Be careful not to over adjust and then slam the door, you may **** something up. So go slow an steady. It's a trial and error adjustment. Make sure the window doesn't have too much pressure on it when it's closed. This may cause some unforseen problems too, cutting the weather stripping, breaking the glass). Just make it snug, and sealed.

8. After adjusting shut the door and re-test with the dollar bill. Once it sits properly and grabs the dollar all the way around, you're done. Just re-hook the wiring, put the plastic weather sheild back on and pop the panel back on.

Subaru rules. out..


This is not hard, japanese cars are a pleasure to work on. Try working on a retarted american POS for 4 hours just trying to put the ****ing door handle back in.


I'm also biGshizzle79! alpha_numeric44 was banned, bitches. I'm back, I guess!

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