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Shoffee Mailbag: Are My K-Cups Good Past the Expiration Date?

I was recently on your site, and noticed that you were selling Timothy's Cranberry Twist Green Tea Keurig K-Cups that have an expiration date that is just a few weeks away. If I place an order for those K-Cups, will I need to drink all of them before the expiration date, or will they be good for a while past that?



Clymer, Pennsylvania

Dear Shari:

Great question. We actually get this question a lot. And the fact is, there is no real information out there on the actual shelf life of Keurig K-Cups, but here is how we usually answer this question for friends and family:

As long as your Keurig K-Cups are seals (the individual K-Cups, not the boxes), they could be enjoyed up to a year past the expiration date without any extreme changes in the flavor of the coffee.

In your particular case of a Green Tea Keurig K-Cup, these can be enjoyed even longer past the printed expiration date. Most Keurig K-Cups are given an expiration date of nine months after the

day on which they are produced. When it comes to tea, even high-end companies like Mighty Leaf Tea mark their individual boxes of tea pouches with an expiration date of two years to 36 months from the date they are produced (and they claim their tea is good well past that). So tea that is sealed within a plastic cup should have no problem being enjoyed for months, if not years to come.

As I previously stated, all of the info I am giving is based on personal experience, and nothing else.

This past Christmas, while visiting my parents' house, I found a few Gloria Jean's Ginger Snap Keurig K-Cups (last produced in 2008 by Gloria Jean's). I brewed up a 6-ounce mug using a Keurig Platinum Brewer . and it tasted exactly how I remembered it tasting in 2008.

So it is all based on personal preference, old Keurig K-Cups are basically good until you feel the taste is not the same as it used to be.

Hope this response was a help to you.

Thanks for choosing .

Yours truly,

The Person Who Answers Shoffee's Email

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