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How to plot multiple UK addresses (by postcode) on a Google Map

Sep 19 2011

One of my course tutors was kind enough to share with me a provisional list of secondary schools in the London area that may be able to offer placements for PGCE ICT students from my university. I was given strict instructions not to contact any of the schools and due the confidential nature of the data I will not post it here.

Thinking about this data and the challenge of allocating schools to students, I wondered whether there would be an easy way to plot the schools onto a map. With a little bit of research, I found that Google Fusion Tables Beta makes this task incredibly easy!

  1. Sign into Google
  2. Open Google Docs
  3. Create a new Table
  4. Choose Import new table…
  5. Select an existing file (my data was saved in an

    Excel spreadsheet)

  6. Select the columns you want to import
  7. Edit the document properties (table name, etc.)
  8. Modify columns; specifically, you’ll need to have a column named “Location” and set its data type to “Location”
  9. Visualize… Map
  10. The Geocode should run and create a lovely map for you to admire!

Being Google Maps, the output is fully interactive. Features can be clicked for further information (this will depend on your table data) and the map can be zoomed and scrolled. It could look something like this:

Low-resolution screenshot of school data (non-interactive)

Other things to look at are sharing of the map and Google Table. If I have time I may also look at whether it’s possible to merge this data with another source (e.g. underground stations identified by postcode) and have different colour markers.

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