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How Long are Eggs Good for

how long are eggs good past the expiration date

You may have such questions as How Long Are Store Bought Eggs Good for and What Is An Egg,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Are Eggs. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to OK to Eat Eggs past Expiration Date,too. Read more as following:

Fresh uncooked eggs can be kept refrigerated in their original carton for up to 5 weeks. Eggs that have been hard boiled should be used within 4 days.

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Hannah<33 Reply:

I own two zebra finches there kinda breeding how long do they mate before eggs and long till eggs hatch.

Is there a way you can tell if the eggs are fertile .

I have two nests cage is big


My mom gets me brown fresh eggs from a person she works with,and i tell ya they make the eggs at the grocery store look like Robin eggs,cause these are hudge,but how long do they last,i’m assuming longer than supermarket eggs cause they’re brand new.


Would they be okay if I hard boiled them? I’m broke and don’t have any money for food, so the eggs are my last resort.

How long are eggs good if you keep them in the fridge?

i know my chicken isnt egg bound but i was just wondering how long an egg bound chicken lives for?

hi i was wondering how long snake eggs will last before the won’t hatch (no heat added) before you have to incubate them? do you have to incubate them straight away or? is there a way i can buy eggs?

I have a species of fish from

South America. They sort of look like Pirahnas but are white/ pinkish in colour. And in the light their fins look sort of rainbowed colour. I would like to know what species they are! And I would like to know how long their eggs would take to hatch?

Just wondering how long hardboiled eggs can stay in the fridge cause I’m starting to eat them as part of a new diet and I’don’t want to have to boil them everynight

Yahoo’s Finest Reply:

Obviously there is a sell by date and best before date but how long can eggs really last after they have been layed?

How long are eggs fresh from the farm good for and how can you tell if they have gone bad? I’ve never purchased fresh eggs before, but now have the chance to. Is there a difference in taste from store bought eggs as well?

How long do eggs stay good after their sell by date?

Jose Alberto Reply:

Eggs, can be kept in or out of the fridge. How long can eggs last outside the fridge in a normal kitchen? Does this vary with inside fridge?

I would like to make waffles, but i have had the eggs for a couple weeks, how long are eggs good for?

Was is the longest time eggs can stay in the frig and still be ok to use.


How long are eggs good past their expiration date? I have eggs here that say sell by august 27th. Are they still edible?


I NEVER know how long eggs should be boiled, i usually end up checking one too early & it gets thrown away.

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