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How long before passports expire

how long before passports expire


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ALL U.S. citizens traveling to ANY foreign country anywhere MUST have a VALID U.S. PASSPORT to be allowed to board & leave

the country (now including travel to Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, Caribbean islands, Bermuda & central American countries) . NO


VALID U.S. PASSPORT IS ACCEPTED TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY GOING ANYWHERE. You will be denied boarding of your plane &

not allowed to leave the country if you do not have a valid passport, so get one today!

This passport MUST be/have 4 things:

# 1-- Passport must be VALID. expired passports aren't good for anything!

# 2-- Passport must be good for at least SIX MONTHS AFTER your return date home from your trip. if it expires before then,

you won't be going! (Passports "unofficially" expire 6 months before their actual expiration, so don't let that catch you by surprise!)

# 3-- Passport must be in YOUR LEGAL NAME & passport must match the name you put on your ticket/travel documents.

no matching names, no leaving the country!

# 4-- Passport must have at least ONE BLANK PAGE left in the passport. this is for when they stamp your passport

upon arrival in the foreign country. Your passport is invalid if it doesn't have at least 1 blank page for use!

If your passport does not meet all of the above requirements, don't bother leaving the house, you won't be going on your trip!

Frequently asked questions:

# 1-- How do I g et a pas sport & what do I need to have?

For U.S. citizens traveling abroad, you will need ALL of the following items in order to apply for a passport BOOK:

# 1-- Valid government-issued photo I.D. (such as a VALID driver's license. if your I.D. is not valid, don't bother applying!)

# 2-- Certified U.S. state-issued birth certificate (issued by the county records office, called the "Bureau of Vital Statistics"),

issued by the state in which you were born. In order for it to be "certified", it must have the raised seal or official government stamp on it.

the hospital-issued copy that mom brought home from the hospital (the one with the cute feet on it!) is NOT acceptable, as it is NOT a

government-issued copy. The state in which you were born is the only state that can issue your birth certificate, so please

contact your home state for this. You may also try going on the web for ordering services that are now available for some states.

# 3-- Copy of your itinerary where you are traveling (make one for yourself if you don't have one. they need to see where you are going!)

# 4-- TWO matching passport photos (you can usually get these taken for less than $20 at Walgreen's or Kinko's)

(Helpful hint: LOOK GO OD when going to get your passport pictures taken, have them RE-taken if they turn out badly. WHY?

You want to make sure these photos are GOOD & not a "mug shot" look. that passport is good for TEN long years!!)

# 5-- Take your checkbook & cash (part of the fee is by check, part in cash. total cost to issue passport as of 2011 us $110 adult,

$80 child under 16, plus a $25 execution/handling fee.. You are going to want a passport BOOK, not a card, as only the passport

BOOK is the only form that is going to be adequate for your travel.

# 6—If you are using a PRIVATE expediter (highly, strongly recommended) then you will need a letter from your private expediter to take

with you to the passport office as p roof you will be expediting with that particular expediter (call your private expediter for this letter).

If you do not have or meet all of the above requirements for applying, don't bother going, you will be turned down!

FYI: Be prepared to surrender your certified birth certificate, photos, & copy of your itinerary to be sent to the State Department

for review/use.

# 2-- Where do I go to apply for a passport?

You may apply for a U.S. passport at ONLY one of the following 2 places:

# 1-- participating U.S. post office during regular business hours (some locations may be open later)

# 2-- participating government tax office during regular business hours (8-4) (this is where you pay for car registration, license plates,


If you live in the Dallas area: the main U.S. post office on Interstate 30 just west of downtown Dallas is one place; there is also a tax

office at the northwest corner of Walnut Hill Lane & Marsh Lane (behind Wendy's) in north Dallas. If you do not live in the Dallas area,

please check in your phone book's blue pages or the web for the passport office nearest you.

# 3-- Do I have to go in person to apply for the passport or can I send someone to do it for me?

You must apply IN PERSON yourself to apply for the passport. Nobody but you can apply for you!

# 4—What if I am applying for a new passport for my child?

A “child” is considered a minor below the age of 18. When applying for a child’s passport for the first time, BOTH natural parents

must be present with the child IN PERSON in order to be allowed to apply for a passport. If you are divorced with FULL custody or

you are widowed, you will need paperwork proving same in order to be allowed to apply for your child’s passport. You will still

need all documents listed above for your child’s passport application. If you do not meet all of these requirements, do not waste

your time going to apply, you will be turned down.

# 5-- How fast can I get a passport? When/how soon should I apply?

You can get a passport in just a few days, though you will pay dearly for the rush fee (over $100 or more!). Apply for your passport

NOW. the longer you wait, the more it will cost you AND you'll risk not having it in time for your trip. The typical time it takes to

get a passport is quoted by the passport office as "6-to-8-weeks", but since the law just changed that everyone has to have one now

to go anywhere outside the U.S. the State Department & passport offices are now BURIED with passport applications & delays are

inevitable. DO NOT WAIT.

# 6-- What do I do when I go to apply for the passport & what happens?

You will take all of the above information to the passport office. you will fill out the application they give you, present your I.D. &

all above requirements, they will ask you to raise your right hand & swear in that you are the person on your presented

documentation, they will then collect the passport fee & documents, & process your application. This is all you are required to do,

they handle all the rest. HOWEVER, at this point, we recommend that you tell the passport clerk that you want to expedite the

passport via a passport expediting service of your choosing. the clerk will probably ask which one you will be using, so be sure

to research this before

you go & know which company you want to use. The clerk will then seal your records in a big manila

envelope & give back to you so that you can take it to your private expediting service. Do NOT let them expedite it, they will not

handle it privately & they'll still be mailing it to you. Read # 7 below.

# 7-- Where can I go to have my passport privately “expedited” (rushed)? Why do you recommend


ADVISORY: We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you use a PRIVATE passport-expediting (rush) service for your passport. DO NOT


expedite/rush for you, no problem!” or “You don’t have to take it anywhere else, just leave it with us!” or something similar. Why

is this bad? Because all the gov’t office or post office will do is TAKE YOUR MONEY, that big expedite fee, & throw your passport

on the pile… no special service, no rush, nobody to call if you don’t get it back! (Those are the reasons TO expedite!) NONE of this

is the case with a PRIVATE expediter… why? With a PRIVATE expediter: (A) your passport will be in private hands in transit (B)

they'll know where the passport is in the application process. (C) they'll know exactly when it will be finished & returned to them

for pickup/delivery with you. & most importantly (D) there is no chance of theft in the U.S. mail once your passport is issued

because it is handled privately & sent back to the expediter’s office, NOT mailed to you! If you simply let the passport office take

all of your documents to process, there is no real way to know when you will get the passport back, nobody to call if it takes too

long, nobody to call if it never comes. AND if & when it is finally finished, it is MAILED to you. Yikes. Why is this bad? A valid

U.S. passport is the most golden form of identification on earth, so if your passport is lost or stolen, you are almost guaranteed to

experience IDENTITY THEFT & FRAUD. So use a private passport expediting service & you should have no problem! This

expediting fee is usually $60- $70 & up, depending on how fast you need the passport. Well worth it for peace of mind & protecting

your identity!

For passports/expediting & visas, we recommend:

Their office is located in the bank building at the northwest corner of Walnut Hill & Greenville Avenue in Dallas.

# 8 -- Do I need a passport to travel to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands

(St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix), or Guam? — NO… the se destinations are still in the U.S.

Unless you are connecting planes or ships in a foreign country, you do not need a passport to go to the above U.S. destinations.

# 9 -- I hear that I don't have to have a passport to go on a cruise. is this true?

NO. YOU MUST HAVE A VALID U.S. PASSPORT TO GO ON A CRUISE. Even if cruises didn’t require them, we would not endorse

nor recommend cruise travel without a valid passport meeting the above guidelines. Why? Because if you have an emergency &

need to fly home, guess what. you would not be allowed to board the plane in that foreign destination without a passport! So


# 10 -- How much does a new passport cost?

At last check, a new passport is $110 for adults, $80 for children under 16, plus execution/handling fee of $25, plus cost of certified

birth certificate (usually less than $20) & cost of two required passport photos (usually around $15). Add expediting fee of $60 & up

if desired/needed. (Expedite/rush fee is extra). Cost is subject to change without notice.

# 11 -- What if I lost my passport. do I still need to get another one? -- YES

If you do not have a passport in your possession when traveling, you will not be going!

# 12—What if I need to simply renew my passport? Does it matter that it has already expired?

Passport renewals are the EASIEST to do of all. The only requirements are that you have your old passport (expired or almost),

your 2 new passport photos, your itinerary, & your fee/money. You can take all of that to the private expediter’s office & that’s it!

# 13-- If I am not a U.S. citizen, what do I need for my travel?

If you are not a U.S. citizen, please consult your country's consulate & that of the country you plan to visit to find out what you will

need for your trip. Traveler is responsible for meeting travel requirements & obtaining required items for travel.

# 14-- Do I need anything else for my trip? Visa, immunization, anything?

For U.S. citizens traveling to Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, western Europe & most Caribbean islands, you do not need anything

besides a U.S. valid passport meeting the above requirements. Of course, this can change, so you the traveler are responsible for

checking on what you will need to have for your trip & obtaining same.

# 15-- What if I need to apply for a passport NOW for my honeymoon trip, but I'll be changing my

name after I get married. should I get my passport in my current maiden name or my future

married name?

You'll need to apply for your passport in your CURRENT maiden name. you won't be MRS. New Name until after you get married!

You can amend your name on your passport later. Amendments are handled by the passport office.

# 16-- Do I really & truly HAVE TO have a passport to leave the country now? -- YES

It is now FEDERAL LAW to have a valid passport to travel, so there is no way around this requirement. PERIOD.

# 17-- Is everyone eligible to have a passport?-- NO

If you have a criminal history and/or owe back child support. you may not be eligible to have or be issued a new or renewed

passport to leave the country. We at Tiki Trips cannot advise you on this matter; you will need to consult your attorney or the U.S.

State Department regarding your legal rights in this matter.

# 18-- How long are passports “good”? (valid)

Your new valid U.S. passport is valid for 10 years for adults who are 18 & over at time of passport issuance; children's passports are

good for 5 years. Keep in mind that passports unofficially expire 6 months before they actually expire (most destinations won't

accept a passport that's about to expire), so be sure to apply for a new passport well before your passport's expiration date!

# 19-- Where can I go for more travel information?

Travel requirements, laws & info can change. please visit the U.S. State Department's website at:



# 20—What if I am still confused or have questions?

If you are our client, call us at the number below… we are happy to help! And if you are NOT our client & are reading this,

SHOULDN’T YOU BE? After all, your travel source is not very adequate if you have to look on our website to help with your

travel info! Give us a jingle, we’ll take good care of you… J

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