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How long can a personal statement be

how long can a personal statement be

Your application form may be the first contact you have with UCA and your personal statement is your opportunity to explain why you think you should be considered for a course of study. A well presented personal statement can help you secure an interview, so make the most of the opportunity.

Write your personal statement out in rough first and only include it on your application form when you have read it, edited it, had other people check it/proof read it and you are sure it is a good representation of you and your writing.

Content of your personal statement:

You should research the course you are interested in and identify the skills and interests required to study it and use this information to write your personal statement, considering the following points:

  • What interests you about the subject
  • Why you have chosen this course in particular
  • Outline the skills you bring to the course
  • Highlight your relevant experience
  • Your aspirations and where you want

    this course to take you.

Language and structure of your personal statement:

  • Try to avoid starting every sentence with 'I'
  • Do not repeat yourself by saying the same thing in different ways
  • Make sure your writing has sentence and paragraph structure
  • Each point you discuss should flow on to the next
  • Do not use slang or abbreviations of words
  • Check the spelling of your statement before submitting your application.

Length of your personal statement:

  • We recommend that your statement should be a maximum of 500-600 words (approx one side of A4).

We will be looking for:

  • How suitable you are for the course.
  • Whether you are interested in the area you want to study.
  • If you are dedicated enough to work hard.
  • How well you communicate in your statement.
  • The presentation of your writing.
  • Your suitability and the relevant skills you bring to the course.

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