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Hedgehogs: How you can help

We've lost a quarter of the hedgehogs in the UK over the last decade. Habitat loss is thought to be a major contributing factor to this crisis. But there's a rather clever new way for you to help hedgehogs and we've discovered an exciting hands-on activity you can do to find out if you've got prickly visitors in your garden.

A welcome garden visitor © Steve Heliczer

Hedgehog Street is a new collaboration between the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and The Mammal Society. funded by the BBC Wildlife Fund  and PTES .

The project aims to link up hedgehog-friendly habitats in urban

environments to help them find food and shelter. It involves the collaboration of communities along the same road to help link up their gardens.

If you want to become a hedgehog champion for your street go to the Hedgehog Street website and order your pack to get started making your road a hedgehog-friendly place.

Hog on a log © Steven Oliver

Once you've joined Hedgehog Street or even if you just want to find out whether you've got hedgehogs visiting your garden there's a clever way that The Mammal Society has developed with Nottingham Trent University.

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