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Welcome and thanks for your interest in my mailing lists.

I specialize in highly responsive lists for mail order pros who cannot afford to waste time or money. If you've been disappointed in lists from other companies, I believe my lists will restore your faith. In short - I can help you make much more money!

I've been in the mailing list business for more than 25 years specializing in powerful lists of people actively seeking income opportunities of all kinds. The folks on my lists are ready to buy! There are lots of list companies trying to lure you with low prices. But my decades of mail order experience has taught me that you get what they pay for: If you buy cheap, you'll get cheap - and your campaign will fail! Your success depends in large part on the list you use so always seek the best, not the cheapest.


lists may cost a bit more than some others (but some companies charge more than I do) because it takes much hard work by experienced analysts to compile a list of real buyers. There are no shortcuts! My lists are used by folks who are serious about building a profitable mail order business. If you want to make money in mail order my lists should be considered an essential part of your business plan as they are well-known for being perfect for any income opportunity, gifting, mail order, work-at-home or MLM offer. My lists are all 100% Buyers (not lookers) and can be surpringly responsive.

IS THIS YO U? Some folks see my prices then go elsewhere for a "cheap" list. Then after their "cheap" mailing list fails miserably they come back to me for a good list of actual Buyers. "Cheap" lists aren't cheap; they waste your time and money. Always buy the best list you can afford.

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