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How do you balance the squirrel-cage blower in a swamp cooler

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lost river bob said: 05-18-07 11:15 AM

How do you balance the squirrel-cage blower in a swamp cooler

handeONE said: 05-22-07 05:16 AM

Balance The Blower

Use a level to ensure that the frame that you've built, that you're mounting the evap cooler on, is level- Especially in the same direction, or horizontally to, the "shaft" running through the middle of the blower or squirrel cage.

It would be OK, and to your advantage, to have a slght pitch, like 1/4 or less, of a bubble off level, lower, toward the drain, i.e. from back to front of the unit. But try to get it absolutely level from side to side.

I'd start off

with an absolutely level framework to mount it on, and then shim up slightly, underneath the back of the unit, for complete drainage at the end of the season. You may have to adjust your ductwork, sidedraft I assume, for this leveling process to "meet up" with your duct?

AND KEEP IN MIND, that because the motor is "pulling" on the side (not the middle) of the blower, you MUST secure the unit to the frame, and the frame must have all four "feet" on the ground! The weight of the motor, and the torque it presents when it starts up, is all on one side of the unit. You should fasten the unit down to the frame to offset that.

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