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How long does a fully charged ipod nano last

how long does a fully charged ipod nano last

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Has anyone tried a similar restore procedure on the laptop batteries? My 1Ghz Powerbook is not getting about 40 minutes on a full charge (yeah, it's embarassing). I attribute this to long periods of remaining plugged in and not exercising the battery. Does anyone knows of a way to put some life back into my battery without purchasing a new one?

A way to restore and maximize iPod battery life


Authored by: raider on Nov 22, '04 03:32:49PM

Lithium Ion batteries do not need to be "exercised". In fact, they will last the longest if you try to keep them above 50% charge.

The "drain all the way" tip for extending the life of the batterry in the Apple Laptops has nothing to do with the actual battery capacity, but rather what the laptop *thinks* is the current capacity. The laptop can shut down the computer *thinking*

it is out of battery because it's calibration has gotten out of whack with lots of calculations on "remaining" charge and "time to charge" and stuff. So the full discharge / full charge type cycle, on the modern Apple laptops, simply lets the laptop "relearn" the battery capacity.

Lithium Ion batteries are great in that they have absolutely no memory effect. They cannot be damaged by a billion charge cycles. But Lithium Ion batteries suck because they have to contain complicated circutry to preven over charge (as they will catch fire if over charged) and they start to lose capacity THE INSTANT they roll of the production line. (Always good to buy a battery that hasn't been sitting on store shelves for half a year).

Here is some more info:

There are links to lots of battery information sites under the question:

Q: What is the best way to handle charging/discharging/storage of lithium ion batteries?

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