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What is loss on ignition

BMW points & Condensers are junk. replace with aftermarket electronic ignition

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Which is more reliable. Points or Electronic Ignition for Airheads?

Seems there's two camps. one side insist BMW electronic ignition is super reliable, produces more power, hotter spark, best thing since sliced bread, etc. etc.

never mind Adv is sprinkled with tales of woe. airhead stuck on side of road from dead electronic ignition stories. can we say. Fun and Games getting back up?

but some folks go 200k+ miles with zero problems. how can this be?

as you probably can tell by now. I'm firmly in dinosaur points/condenser camp. yes points are more fiddly, but setup correctly little to no performance loss. but does need attention as rubbing block wears. 25k+ miles maintenance intervals doesn't seem too bad to me. if something does go wrong

with a points system, 99% you will be back up quickly. spare points/condensers are cheap and take up little space.

common points of failure seems to follow stock 12v Bosch coils on airheads. if replaced with high performance Dyna 3 ohm coil (for points), spark then becomes hotter. easily equal to BMW stock electronic ignition's spark. amp draw will go up slightly from 2.5 to 4amp range. note normal operating current draw will remain the same as stock coil. unless conditions exists that requires more current.

Edit: an important option was left off the survey by mistake. Points with a booster. which quite possibly is the best of both electronic/points.

here's a perfectly good BMW electronic ignition system yanked from my R80G/S in favor of a Beancan with points.

beancan with points

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