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Lifting those in need to lives of sustainable self-sufficiency.

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Our mission is “Lifting those in need to lives of sustainable self-sufficiency.” Hope Harbor accomplishes this mission by providing services to needy and displaced homeless, near homeless families, women and children. We help meet their needs for safe shelter, meals, and supportive case management with a goal of obtaining permanent housing and becoming self-sufficient.

Emergency Shelter

Transitional Shelter

Hope Harbor balances assistance with accountability to encourage a sense of gratitude and self-confidence; teaching the people we serve to more fully realize their true potential. Residents are asked to give a 40 hour a week time commitment to begin working on their life-changing plan. This commitment may include:

  • Attending classes that teach financial responsibility, parenting, problem solving, coping skills, job hunting techniques

    and more

  • Meeting with our Case Managers to set goals and gauge progress
  • Reducing personal debt and improve savings
  • Enhancing the lives of others through community service
  • Assisting with meal preparation for fellow residents
  • Cleaning and site maintenance chores
  • Pursuing employment to stop the cycle of homelessness

In addition, each resident is responsible for the care of their own children, as well as household management duties such as meal preparation and cleanliness. Residents who refuse to participate in any of these requirements may lose all or part of the services we provide.

If you are in need of services, please print the application, sign it and take it into our offices for processing, or fax (308) 385-5195.

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