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How a dial indicator works

how a dial indicator works

How to deal with a team member consistently showing up late

For a long time I was the only developer at my company. Last year, we hired two more entry level devs. I have no management experience or training and very few managerial duties, but by virtue of my seniority I am in a position of some authority and on paper they report to me. Point is, calling me a terrible manager is not helpful. I expect I am, but I want to know how to improve.

We have a morning meeting where my team is expected to report to me their progress the past day and set goals for the new day. I can then report to the boss (owner) what the team is up to. The boss has repeatedly pushed to set an 8 am start for the work day, but this was unpopular and I have been able to hold our meetings to 10 am instead. The meeting is consistently punctual. If I call the meeting at 10:01 I consider myself late. This is important to me since I feel that if I don't respect my own schedule why should the team?

Lately (over the past few months), one of our team members has been consistently showing up for work later and later. I didn't say anything since I don't want to send the message that obeying some clock is more important than

getting your work done, and the employee has been consistently putting in his 40 hours a week (I can verify this, since we are required to punch a time clock). My gut says that the quality of his work has suffered, but I do not have solid objective evidence of that.

It has become a bit of a problem now though because he is showing up late for the morning meetings. Once last week and now two days in a row last week. I have asked him if there is anything going on or if he needs any sort of accommodation from the company. He said no, that he was sorry and that he would try to be on time. This was a couple weeks ago and he has not improved. I have asked the other dev if he knows anything and he says he does not.

At this point I do not feel that pushing the meeting back further will help. All of us were able to make the 8:00 - 8:30 start time when the boss was breathing down our necks about it. He knows it, we know it. I am concerned that if I do not come up with a solution the boss will re-impose stricter rules and my team will lose some of the flexibility that we now enjoy. What sort or carrots or sticks might I offer to prevent this from happening?

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