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Where to buy 50s clothes

where to buy 50s clothes

#1: Embrace novelty

#2: Be intrepid about trends

#5: Try boyish shapes

#6: Try more boyish shapes

How 30-year-olds dress now

How 30-year-olds dressed in the 1950s

#2: Vote for more versatility

#4: Accent with more color

#5: Break up with old jeans

#7: Put a twist on a classic

#9: Be more of a stripe tease

How 40-year-olds dress now

How 40-year-olds dressed in the 1950s

In your 50s.

#2: Don't overlook leather

#5: Spend on more core items

#7: Don't forget the drama

#8: Throw caution to the wind

#9: Acquire some iconic bags

#10: Use fit and flare wisely

#11: Use fit and flare more wisely

Fashion Flashback: How 50-year-olds dress now

How 50-year-olds dressed in the 1950s

#2: Embrace the ease of pants

#5: Retire your old-lady bag

#6: If you need room, get room

#7: Say yes to a statement coat

#11: Bag the extraordinary

#13 Invest in the right shape saver

Fashion Flashback: How 60-year-olds dress now

How 60-year-olds dressed in the 1950s


"Styles were shapeless," they

Carol Twill 08.25.2013

"Styles were shapeless," they took into consideration a woman's

body. Wearing something tight and too fitted doesn't look good on a 20 yr old. (Lauren Bacall aged gracefully).

"colors were drab,". and you're showing black and white? Ahhhh. Loved the gloves in the 50's pic - classy.

"and the choices were ridiculously limited." Natural fabrics: cotton, linen, Italian wool, silk, very limiting indeed.

" Hats kept that wash-and-set ’do in place." Don't make fun of that. It's too bad hats have phased out. And there is a polish to the woman. Now maybe the girdle thing has been improved, but the look is classic.

There was a little pink on a pin or something.

If this was the standard it

Carol Twill 08.25.2013

If this was the standard it was timeless. The fashion suggestions are ridiculous. The fashion in the 50's was classy, vs today's trashy. No one should ever ever wear a shear blouse without something underneath it. And the trends for 30 year olds? Well, I'm 57 and there were a few cute items.

I find nothing boring about the classics. It was a time when little girls looked like classy little girls instead of little tramps.

This is supposed to be a magazine - I'm guessing - for the aging boomers. They've lost me.

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