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Download individual pieces of bagpipe music! On you'll find superb settings of hundreds of traditional tunes, as well as authorized, copyright material from premier composers. Browse by listening to the tunes. You can also download free demonstrations of the tunes by leading piper and teacher Jim McGillivray, as well as by many of the composers themselves.

Tune settings on pipetunes are researched comprehensively and gracenoted painstakingly according to modern playing styles. They are organized by time signature and each tune is classified as “beginner easy,” “very easy,” “easy,” “intermediate,” “difficult” or “very difficult.” You can listen to the entire tune being played exactly as it appears in the music before you purchase. Recordings are made at practice chanter pitch in case you like to play along when you practice.

Most of the pieces on pipetunes come from the traditional repertoire, but many are written by living composers. In these cases, and where there are known custodians of the music of deceased composers, royalties are paid for each piece of sheet music downloaded.

The bagpipe music here is typeset using high-end orchestral typesetting software that produces clear, lovely and easy-to-read music. Once you download a tune in PDF format, it is yours to keep and use on your computer or to print as you need it.

Tunes are priced to be both affordable and supportive of the greater cause of making individual pieces of music available to all online. The site is also a great source of information about the lives of composers. The database of composer bios and photos is expanding as more information becomes available. The more you support pipetunes, the more tunes will appear here in future, and the greater variety of music types that will be made available.

Listen to some of the unique harmonies, and watch for future enhancements such as a video lesson library and a piobaireachd collection with studio recordings of the tunes on pipes played by Jim McGillivray -- coming soon. Welcome to bagpipe music on demand!

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