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Where to buy a hedgehog in pa

where to buy a hedgehog in pa

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Sonic Boom: Cat with Nine Lives

It was a gorgeous day in the village and everyone was just doing whatever they do every day. But something isn’t very good with Hex the Cobra today. She was running into the jungle with a black Egyptian cat statue in her arms.

“Give it up, serpent! Hand over your statue!” Eggman in his eggmobile chasing after her.

"NEVER! I CAN'T RELEASE MAU! SHE'S DANGEROUS!" Hex yelled. She jumped over the gorge and came to the desert with Eggman still chasing her. They came down into another gorge where it leads to a huge crater with lava far down. Hex gasps as she saw Eggman come to her.

"Give me the statue and I spare your life. I keep the word" Eggman tried to make a deal with Hex, but the snake girl refused to trust him.

"No! You just want it to get Mau. She's the Egypt's most hated cat over 5,000 years ago!" Hex said.

"Then I take it with you!" Eggman tried to catch her with a grapple claw but Hex dodges. In the progress she accidently drops the statue into the crater.

Sonic Boom: Evil Cookies Again

“I know the evil cookies have failed last year. This time it will be on Team Shadow!” Eggman cackled evilly and the thunder lightning roared from outside Eggman’s lair.

“Team Shadow?” Orbot asked curiously.

“Hello? Shadow, Hex and Nebula! Do you ever pay attention and listen. Anyways, those three brats can destroy Sonic and his friends!” Eggman said.

“But what if it fails?” Cubot asked.

“I don’t know! But if it fails then I guess I’m gonna have to come up with other ideas! Orbot! Cubot! START MAKING THE EVIL COOKIES!!” Eggman ordered the robots to do what he said.

“Yes sir!” Orbot and Cubot salutes and goes into the lab room to work on it.

The next morning on Bygone Island, Hex the Cobra was shivering like crazy from succeeding in walking around in the cold snowy mountains without

going into hibernation.

“Brrr……..Next time I see that red buffoon to dare me again, I’m gonna Sonic Boom: Evil Cookies Again by GothNebula

Sonic Boom: Girls Asleep, Boys Awake

“I don’t get it! If you’re not warm-blooded, does that mean your body is ice cold! Why aren’t you frozen yet?!” Sticks asking the cobra girl.

“Sticks, I’m a reptile. I don’t have fur” Hex rolled her slit eyes, “Do you ever learn things at school?” she grumbled.

“What’s school?” Sticks asked.

“Never mind. Look, just because I’m cold-blooded doesn’t mean my body is gonna freeze. Reptiles don’t have their own body heat like mammals. Which is why I bask myself in the sunlight. Okay? End of story” Hex scoffed in annoyance.

“Hex, don’t be rude. She’s just trying to understand” Nebula said.

“Sorry, Nebs” Hex sighs, “Say, where are the boys?” she asked.

“Oh, they’re at the village waiting for the new cologne on sale to open up” Nebula said with her arms crossed.

Sonic Boom: Separate Moods

“Hmph! There’s no such thing as a Cross-Eyed-Moose curse, feral girl. I wonder how long you’ve been a feral in your life” Shadow scoffed and walks away from the wild badger.

“But it’s true! I was once affected by the curse of the Cross-Eyed-Moose!” Sticks screaming.

“Yeah, right. Like I believe your crazy paranoid excuse from you?” Shadow smirked and was about to walk away from Sticks when he bumped into Nebula like a statue.

She glared at her boyfriend and crossed her arms, staying quiet.

"Nebula, what's up with you?" Shadow asked her.

"Do you always have to be rude to Sticks?” Nebula glared again.

“I’m not being rude. I’m just annoyed with her crazy theories and whatever that doesn’t make any sense” Shadow said.

"Whatever, Hex has something to show for you" Nebula said.

Shadow got curious and crossed his arms, "What is it?"

"Let’s see when we arrive" Nebula said as she and Shadow left to h Sonic Boom: Separate Moods by GothNebula

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