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Helium Saving Tips

We received many requests asking us to facilitate the networking and sharing of helium saving tips. So we sent an email asking you to send us your tips. We would organize them and spread the word. Below is what you did. Thank you so much to all who contributed!

Lorna & Lorinda Ferrell, CBA's

Continental Sales

Sacramento, CA

Make a great walkway by putting Light Up Balloon Sticks (LUBS) attached to a LUBS Holder & Straw inside an air filled 11" latex.

They can also make great Pool Lights. All balloons in the photo are 16" latex. Simply drop the battery pack (black end of LUBS) into an uninflated 9"latex. Loosely twist and seal the neck of the 9" latex high up on the white portion of the LUBS. This is to simplify the insertion of the LUBS and 9" latex in to the neck of the 16" latex. Follow the directions for inflating and sealing the LUBS as you would normally do. This will leave you with a 16" balloon with Light Up Balloon Stick inside and a battery pack that is covered with a 9" latex balloon making it waterproof.

Take a heavy fishing weight (3 to 5 ounces) and attach this via dacron or monofilament line to a bunched up part of the 9" latex balloon. (Preferably at the bottom portion where you would normally attach the ribbon to the LUBS.) Make the line 6-12 inches long. A longer line will help keep the balloon in the pool in higher wind. Turn on the Light Up Balloon Stick and place into the water. The weight will make the balloon stand straight up and the breezes outside will cause the balloon to have a life of its own - going from side to side in the pool.

Treb Heining

Light Up Balloon Stick Company, Inc.

Long Beach, CA

By dropping one panel from a storage cube system over a base plate and EMT pipe you get additional attachment point for balloons around the base. The panel also works well for attaching a bunch of 260's to make clumps of grass that can be placed around the room. Storage cubes are available at Target, etc. come in sizes from 12" - 16" and several colors.

You can also easily attach a bunch of latex to the top of the EMT pipe. Take a standard

size funnel and drill several holes around the top. Push the narrow tip of the funnel in to the EMT pipe. Tie latex to the holes in the funnel. This works well to make an explosion of 260's at the top of the column.

Troy Apprill, CBA & Diane Burton, CBA

Balloonville Productions

St. Louis, MO


This Hot Air Balloon is made with air. Cut a 31" Lomey Pedestal to size. Glue the round piece that comes with the Pedestal to the top of the Pedestal. Glue the metallic sheets to the bottom of the basket. The weight inside the basket is made from plaster inside of a disposable plastic dish. The weight is turned upside down so the bottom of the dish is upright. Glue the weight to the metallic sheets. Glue the top of the Lomey Pedestal to the plastic cup of the weight. Glue a paper mache pot (purchase at your floral supply) to the bottom of the Lomey Pedestal.

Tie ribbon to the basket at 4 points. Cut off the ties of the hot air net below the knots. Inflate the balloon and set in the paper mache pot. Place the net over the top of the 3' balloon. Tie the knots of the net to the basket with the ribbons.

You will have to experiment to get the correct height on the Lomey Pedestal to make everything fit nicely with the base, pot, etc. The reason to use the Lomey Pedestal upside down is the base looks cleaner than the top with the ring.

Carolyn Hadin, CBA

Balloon Creations by Carolyn

Sacramento, CA


Inflate the foil balloons SLOWLY so that the valves are not stressed and will hold the air. Apply Jiffy Tape over the hole of the inflated foil when hiding the tail to prevent leaking from the valve. Note: the distance between extension locking holes on the MagPole is THREE loops of LoopLine. Using two lines from each heart foil will stop them from rotating…and helps to keep the embellishments looking their best. : Using the LoopLine, (no knots to tie) means faster work and SYMMETRY! where to buy a helium stick

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