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Where to buy a pandora battery and magic memory stick

where to buy a pandora battery and magic memory stick

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How To Make A Magic Memory Stick Using Rain's Ultra Lite MMS Maker

By ON3i11

What is a Magic Memory stick?

A Magic Memory Stick, sometimes referred to as a Pandora Memory Stick, is a special memory stick that allows you to unbrick your PSP when paired with a Pandora Battery.

How Do I Use It?

All you have to do is insert the MMS into your PSP. Then start holding the L shoulder button on your PSP. Do not let go. Insert your Pandora Battery. If your Pandora Battery was made correctly your PSP should turn on by itself. Now your PSP will boot up the IPL, which is what makes your Magic Memory Stick so "magic". The IPL allows you to flash a fresh install of FW onto your PSP, thus fixing the Flash of your PSP, and unbricking it!


Pandora Battery+MMS does NOT work on PSP-2000s with a TA-088v3 Mother Board, or any PSP newer then that (3000s, and GOs). BUT, Trying the PB+MMS on a PSP that is TA-088v3 or newer WILL NOT BRICK IT. SO, if you have a PSP-2000 and are unsure of whether or not it is a TA-088v3 or not, trying PB+MMS will tell you. Or you can always just use PSPIdent

Things You Will Need:

A Computer

A Memory Stick with at least 328MB free

A PSP+USB cable OR A Memory Stick Reader

Rain's Ultra Lite MMS Maker (Any version will do but I will be using For 5.00 M33-4 in this TUT)

Official Sony OFW Updater for FW 5.00

7zip or WinRAR (I suggest 7zip since the full version is free, unlike WinRAR which will pester you to buy)

Some spare time!


Download Rain's Ultra Lite MMS Maker into a folder caller "Rain's MMS Maker", or something like

that, so you remember what's inside . Once Rain's Ultra Lite MMS Maker is downloaded you should have a .zip file on your computer in the location of your choice. Extract the contents of the .zip folder however you like. Once extracted it should look like this.

Now you can delete the .zip file. Now download the Sony OFW Updater for FW 5.00 to folder with a name of your choice. Now extract the contents of the .zip file. It should look like this.

Now you can delete the .7z folder. Now go through all the folders and find a file named "EBOOT.PBP" (minus the quotes, duh). This is the updater. Copy and past it into the folder you put Rain's MMS Maker in. Rename EBOOT.PBP to "500.PBP" (not quotes, derp). It should now look like this.

Now open up Rain's Ultra Lite MMS Maker. If it is "for 5.00 M33-4" (which is the latest version) then it should look like this.

Now take your PSPs memory stick, or the memory stick you are going to turn into a MMS, and connect it to your computer. You can do this either via PSP+USB cable, or a card reader of some sort. If you used you PSP to connect your Memory Stick to your computer then make sure it is in USB mode. Rain's Ultra Lite MMS Maker should automatically detect your Memstick. If not you can select the drive letter with the dropdown box. It should look like this.

Now check both boxes. If your memstick has nothing on it then the second box isn't necessary.

Now click the "Make MMS" button.

(Backup in progres)

(Injecting TM IPL [the magic in the memory stick ]

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