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Balance transfer refers to a transfer of an outstanding balance from another credit, charge or Australian store card to your St.George credit card.

1. You could save money on interest payments when you transfer your balance of a non St.George or St.George credit card to a St.George credit card that has a lower interest rate

2. From time to time, St.George offers special introductory balance transfer rates on new credit cards when transferring from a non-St.George credit card or store card to a St.George credit card. For existing customers please download the balance transfer form

3. You may also be able to reduce your credit card debt faster by moving outstanding balances from a non St.George or BankSA credit card to a St.George credit card that has a lower interest rate

4. You can manage your money easier by consolidating your multiple credit card balances into one card. This can be can improve how you track your credit card debt

5. Having less

cards could reduce annual fees you pay and you having to manage multiple payment due dates.

Yes. Existing St.George credit card customers can request a balance transfer from another store, charge or non St.George credit card to their existing St.George credit card account.

To apply to transfer a balance to your existing St.George credit card, simply complete the balance transfer request form and send it back to us.

You can also request a balance transfer through Internet Banking. Once logged in, select “Transfer & payments” and then select “Pay out a credit card held with another bank.” You can also arrange this over the phone by calling 13 33 30 .

No, because a balance transfer is not the same as transferring funds between accounts or changing accounts. If you hold more than one St.George credit card, you can make credit card payments between your credit cards using your normal methods of credit card repayments. This is not the same as a balance transfer.

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