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How to cut pipe threads without a pipe vise

where to buy a quarter pipe

First! i hope many to come.

well, the title says it all, i needed to cut some pipe threads for my new bed (yet another pipe bed) and i didn't wan't to invest money in a new vise with a pipe holding jaw, mainly because i alredy have a pretty heavy vise which suits most of my needs.

so, i proceded to find a way. tried pieces of cloth on the vise to have a better grip, then tried adding shellac to the cloth to make it 'stickier', then i made rubber jaws for my vise. none worked. finally i devised a simple method with tools most people alredy have lying around, and if they don't they really should make/buy (i often make even though it costs more, because it's fun!)

you'll need a heavy vise ideally, you could do around that using a fulcrum of some sort but if the pipe keeps sliping that will bother you to death, cutting threads is alredy hard enough.

the second tool is a pipe wrench. yes! a pipe wrench! turns out an instrument

used to apply huge ammounts of torque is also the ideal instrument to resist applied torque. and really, the hard part of cutting pipe threads is the torque which causes the pipe to slip in the vise.

third tool is the threading die. this one is pretty straightforward, you need a die to cut the threads unless you want to file them (not since maudslay we don't!). you need to buy/make/rent a die and a threading kit (the turning thingy). mine is 1/2".

fourth tool is cutting oil. i use lard. that may sound retrograde but it actually has great adhering and lubricating properties. in fact, some machining oils still use lard in the mix even today. i advocate it's use because

1º it's enviromentaly friendly, lard is a byproduct and it is completely biodegradable and relatively non-toxic, unlike many cutting oils

2º it's cheap. the small cup you'll see me using in this instructable was made by myself and it cost me almost nothing

3º acessible to the hobbyist and still provides great, just as good, results as anything else.

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